Saturday, November 19, 2016

Anger-the curse that makes you lose everything

Anger-the curse that makes  you lose  everything


(These again are not my original thoughts  but   thoughts of a great person   which I read and copied in Tamil , long back. Unfortunately, I did not note down his name .Being short tempered , these lines    attracted and influenced me . I remember   that great sage Durvasa    lost all his greatness  and power   as soon as he got angry  and had to start doing penance   again. If you are like me  , please read this   and try  to reduce   your anger.)

Those   who get angry  for anything   and everything,
Are the enemies to their  own  prosperous lives.
If we try to find out    why they get angry
WE would understand    their as  well as our problems.

Some would get angry, if things do not go   as they wish,
Some when others   do not obey     their orders,
Some if they   not  immediately   follow  what they say,
Some  if others do not agree  with them and talk back.

Some  if others  point out    about   their faults,
Some if others complain about  persons whom they like,
And all these   type  of  anger  is not  proper and just,
And   would indicate   they  are not mentally mature.

With  little patience , if we enquire  with patience  ,
And hear with patience    what they have   to say,
Without getting   angry we can do many things,
And  this would  make  our life  full of peace .

Some  will  get angry  due to physical   disabilities,
Some would get angry if their   sleep is disturbed,
Some will get angry   if   they    do not get in time,
What they want , whether  it is  good or bad.

If we happen to talk    with persons   of this nature,
If we talk   with  love and with a   gentle smile,
We can   put out their  anger   with great speed,
As  talk with love and concern has that power.

All acts    done    when one is angry would be unwise acts,
And so when we  talk with   an angry person , we need to take care,
If one gets angry   , there  isa possibility  that we may become sick,
And we may loose our friends   and relatives  and forced to live alone.

They  would be creating   large number of enemies around them,
They would be  called as   snobs  as well  as short tempered idiots,
And so after  you come out of anger  please think about  ,
Why you got angry and identify   your role and part in it.

This would help you  to control   it next time  when it occurs,
And there is also a  need  to learn and train yourself   to control  anger
AS soon as  you get out of anger  please request for pardon ,
And make a decision every morning  not to get angry that   day.

Anger   would  reduce   all the prosperity and name   of yours,
So,”Leran to laugh  and  if not learn  to keep your mouth shut “
There is no evidence that anger wins but several that patience wins,
You please   be like  Sun , t you would shed light  and live in peace  .

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