Thursday, November 10, 2016

The paradox of our age

The paradox of our age


(Based on the short write up   by the 14th Dalai Lama . I Am not him , but  I am myself  and so  you cannot  expect what I write to be great but certainly   simple.)

1.Our forefathers  used to live    in smaller  homes ,
In small villages  , with a very large joint family
But our family    size   has shrunk to the rock bottom,
And we  all need  very large houses to live.

2.The home makers   of yore   as well as ,
The males   of their homes struggled   day long,
Physically   but   were  having lots of time   , but we have ,
Machines to lighten our jobs, but we lack time for everything.

3.Most of our forefathers   studied in village   schools,
And had no degree  but were  indeed worldly wise ,
But each of us are blessed   with very many top degrees,
But  we need google and laptops    to take   any decision.

4. The accumulated knowledge  that our forefathers had,
Which was available to them was   extremely less,
But we have huge libraries   with tome filled shelves ,
AS well on line ocean of  knowledge, but their judgments   were better.

5. Our forefathers  lead a life   with   out problems
Though   there   were  no experts at all   to help them ,
But we have   experts   for each  and every aspect of life ,
Within our homes and outside  but we have only  problems.

6. Doctors  were   extremely few , medicines  were still less,
And  our forefathers  who were  poor, lead a healthy life,
But we  with  multi speciality  hospitals  in nook and corner ,
And with million medicines  with us, do not have a healthy life.

7.Unlike   our forefathers   who   would not have seen  their next village ,
We are all   world   citizens  who have seen every where ,
But each and every home  in their village   welcomed them,
But  we lead an aloof life , finding  the  next apartment full of strangers.

8. WE have quantity   but no quality,  fast food and slow digestion,
We have tall persons    with very short moral character
We earn  steep profits but behave  like   shallow   human beings,

We have decorated the windows and doors  but  our rooms are   empty.

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