Monday, November 28, 2016

Teachers-the gods who are always blamed

                          DEDICATED  TO ALL TEACHERS  WHO READ THIS

Teachers-the gods    who are always blamed

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(This poem in tamil was quoted  by Hamsabai    Santhanakrishnan.   She had dedicated it to   all teachers    who are members of the  Facebook. After  translating it with many changes , I am rededicating   it to all teachers who happen to read it.)

Writing on the black board with a chalk   constantly,
And getting  both their  lungs   full of Chalk   powder,
But teaching  , teaching   and teaching, so that they improve
The school teacher   has developed  pain in his  heart  for ever.

The society   which  punished  the teacher  for punishing
The  useless student so that  he can achieve something in life,
The society   which added  pain to him for showing the way,
Perhaps  stamps  on him ,  because  he is a ladder for students climb.

The proud   society which insults the  teacher
Who  ought  to   be respected, does ,
Never think  why the  need really arose,
To  hit   the God , who protected and protects.

For  teaching with a shouting voice   so that  ,
Even the  back bencher   is also able to hear,
Does the reward  and honour  consist  ,
Of beating , insulting   and hitting  them?

The society  which  considers  the teacher ,
Who considers  each student as his child ,
AS an enemy  is like one  who wounds the sculptor,
Thinking   they are  wounding the stone ,
Would  possibly never get  a pretty statue.

They   go  as a teacher to the school in the morning,
But return  as a parent  daily in the  evening,
Tosses   in his  bed  and spends a sleepless night,
For   shouting   at the student   in the school.

On one side  the sting by  the tension created  by examination,
And on the other side   the sting   by  the student
 Who refuses  to cooperate,  the poor teacher  ,
Stands in the middle    and suffers  and only suffers.

They call  one day as   the “teacher’s day”   and on that day ,
He would be engulfed  by greetings from all sides,
Though  each of them know , “This praise ,
Is only for t that day , from next  they would  find his fault.”

They would   say “sacrifice yourself as  what you do,
Is nothing but   social service”  and next day they would  sacrifice you,
They  would say  “You are   the architect of society “ and next day  ,
They   would call you  “the worst  enemy  of society.”

But  in spite  of all these  hypocritical  remarks ,
Of the society  , in which    they  are forced  to work and live,
They would be teachers  and teachers   whether  they  die or live,
They  would  always be  “the gods  of learning”   who do teaching as their duty

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