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Sage Narada seeks effectiveness of “Om Namashivaya”

Sage Narada  seeks effectiveness  of  “Om Namashivaya”

Translated  from Tamil by

(This very meaningful story was told in Tamil by Balasubramyam Nannilam  Ranganathan  .Om Namashivaya)

Sage Narada  who usually chanted  “Om Namo Narayanaya”
With great hesitation   went   his father , the Lord Brahma and asked,
“Father , I would like to know the effectiveness of “Om Namashivaya”
Lord Brahma  smiled  and requested

Sage Narada  the  very  wise one,
Usually chanted “Om namo Narayanaya”
And one   day  a sudden doubt arose in his mind,
“How effective   is  “Om  Namashivaya ”

Consulted   he   several sages   and peers,
But  got he no convincing reply ,
And so   he approached Brahma  the creator,
Who was   his  own great father.

He said ,” I am not very sure  , go and ask   the bees,
That  hovers   over   the   yonder   bush”
Sage Narada   with a  smile , went near the bee,
And told “Om Namashivaya” and the bee died.

Sage Narada was then instructed  to ask an owl,
Which also  died  as soon as  it heard the name,
And then he went  to his father  and told  ,
“It would cause death   and nothing else”

Lord Brahma was persistent and sent him,
To a just  born calf  in a brahmin’s  home,
And that too died on hearing   the name,
And  Lord Brahma   told  again the sage,

“A prince being the first   son has been born,
To the king of this country  and please ,
Go and ask   that  just  born child  and,
I am sure you   would get answer this time”

The sage went to the palace  and in the ears,
Of that  sweet prince he murmured “Om Namashivaya”
The prince told him I was a bee , hearing  ythis became an owl,
Hear this I became a calf   and hearing that I have now become a prince.”

Sage  Narada  was convinced  of  the power  of that great chant,
Which  just be hearing once  , removed  all your sins,
And lifted   you up in the heriarchy    of births ,
And he was  sure that One day, the prince would get salvation

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