Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A glorious women’s day to all women

A glorious women’s day   to  all women

Woman is the store house   of all power(Shakthi)   who gave power   to all Gods  and Devas   according to Vedas.

Woman   is the first   gift  of God to man  according   to Juadaism.

She is the one   who gave birth to us . She is the one who fed   us   her own  blood  flowing like  nectar  from her breasts . She is the cook, washer woman  , teacher, cleaning maid . doctor , nurse and  event manager  for  us always and always.

She as a sister (elder or younger)  is the first friend,  who was interested in us.Her love and affection to us  incomparable

She  is  the one who brought rain of  nectar     as wife to the parched life of man,
 brought immesurable   joy in his life by sharing   the burden of   family,
cooked  tastey food for  him ,
Looked  after his children  ,
 looked after   his old parents 
and  wiped off his tears  when he is sad    .

She  is the little treasure   who made  life full of joy   and meaning as   a daughter and   wherever   she is   she thinks  about the welfare  of her parents,
She  breaks in to tears  if her father is  sad,
And  she  is   everything   in the  world to her father

 She is  one who without  showing any distaste   in her face , nursed  you back to health   several times  in the hospital  ,
Without her as a nurse  millions and millions of people  would have   died due to sickness

She is the daughter in law    who sacrificed many  pleasures  in life     and helped   us  in our old age   to  walk , eat, speak   and even laugh,
The one who gave us  a grand child who would   continue   the   family tree .

How can one  day  be sufficient to   celebrate   the role of this angel in our lives ?

How can one thanks    sufficient    to thank the woman for all that they  have done to us?

Millions of thanks oh   pretty  and humble creation of God .Without you in the world  , I would not have   lived in this miserable world    even for a second.

Infinity  to the power  of infinity   thanks to  all the ladies right from the baby girl born in the hospital today, to the grandma  of  over hundred  in all countries of the world.

                                                                        P.R.Ramachander  aka Raja Thatha

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