Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The costliest gift that God can give

The costliest gift    that God can give


(This is a famous story which I have written in my own words .If at all  I meet God , I will  ask him only for this precious gift.)

More than ten people   were involved   in a great worship,
Of God in one   of    the greatest   temples   of India,
Each of them felt    that they lacked   something in life ,
Which was  preventing    them from   becoming happy.

Suddenly   The God was   inside   the sanctum   came out ,
In person and asked   them , “though you are   all my devotees,
All of you seem to be not   at all happy   and  if I can ,
Give you what you want  and make you happy , I would be glad.”

One of those men told  , “ I seem to have much less  money  ,
Than all others  and am sorrowing because  of that only,
Oh God   , if you can perhaps give  me lots and lots  of money,
I am sure   I would be happy. “ God said “So be it”   and he became rich.

Another man told  “ I seem to have   a wife    who is not    that pretty,
And so whenever  I take her out  , I feel sad  on seeing more prettier girls,
Oh God  , if you can perhaps    make my   wife   the prettiest in the world,
I am sure   I would be happy  .” God said “So be it “ and his wife was adorned with prettiness.

Yet another  man said , “ I seem   to be a weakling    affected  by so many health problems,
And so whenever  I see others , I compare their  physique       with mine   and I become sad,
And so  , if you can perhaps   make me    very strong   so that  world is jealous  of me ,
I am sure   I would be happy  .”  God said, “So be it “ and he became  strong making others jealous.

Yet another  told, “All my life I have been trying    to become   a great poet and,
When I see   other poets    write poems    which are  very pretty and regal,
I feel sad   that  I am not able  to write   like   any of them  who are great,
And perhaps  If only  you can make me a great poet “ God said “So be it “  and he became  great poet

And all other people  there  got all that  they wanted   and one more  shabbily dressed man,
Who was a weakling , who was not a poet  , who was not all   pretty and whose   wife was ugly .
Was the only   one remaining  and God with   great kindness   called  him to come to his side ,
And asked him, “Each of them are happy  as they got what they want, Will you please  tell what you want?

That ugly poor, weak man who seemed    to have nothing with him  laughed in a humble manner,
And said, “ All my life    I have   been   jealous of others   and    was toiling   with worries ,
In my mind and I had riches, health  beauty   and so on but  never had peace   of mind,
And so all that  I want is mental peace  and I am giving you all my worries .” God said , “Please wait,”

Then God requested all the others   who had   got all that they wanted   to   go from there,
So that he can think as   to what   to give to this poor man but none   of them left,
And they  all became very jealous   on that remaining poor man  and  felt  bad,
That God was going to give him   some thing much greater   than what they   have got.

All of them again became extremely sad but that poor man got peace of mind
And with a humility   and a smile  realized   that God without  saying “So be it”
Has given him  the most precious gift  that    he wanted and he thanked  God   and told him,

“I am grateful to you  God as   I am now peaceful  and I do not want   anything more.”

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