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Blinded by Pride

Blinded by  Pride

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(I saw this pretty   story  which can teach us all  humility   and make us do everything after  dedicating   to god   in the  Tamil post of Sri  Vijay Raghav, The tamil poem  was very extensive and pretty . After thanking him for the post   I am dedicating  this summary   to HIM  for nothing can be done  without him.)

One day  Lord Krishna   was feigning   to take an afternoon nap,
His   Garuda  Vahana and   his weapon   Sudarshna   were protecting him,
After  knowing their  lord was asleep , Garuda told, “This Krishna is Lord Vishnu,
But for my tcarrying him     with great  speed  , he  could not have  helped  that elephant Gajendra

Sudarshana laughed  with  pride   and in a silent tone and told , “If after  your taking there,
Had I not been there   , how he could   have  killed   the fierce  crocodile?”
Lord Krishna   broke in to a smile    and  thought   that  both  could  have,
Never  helped  him but   for  the strength   and power , he had given to them.

Suddenly   they all heard   chattering  as well as   giggling   of several,
Queens  of Krishna and they told   among themselves, “our beauty,
Was what  made  Lord Krishna  marry us  and we are sure ,
NO one in the world is   as pretty   as us , and we are  sure Krishna  is lucky.”

The lord  did not like  the pride   of all these   people   of his,
And acted   as if he has  just woken up    and told  Garuda and Sudarshana,
“In the Gandha madana  mountain , in the lake   belonging   to Lord Khubera,
Rare  lotus flowers   with great  perfume called  Saugandhika  have flowered.”

“Would you  both please   go there  and get   a few  of those    great  flowers,
So that I can give  my queens  , one each? Of course    the job would  be difficult ,
But you  both are very strong   and powerful   and  you can do it easily.”
Both   of them nodded   their heads   and rushed to that lake.

But when they reached  there , they found a monkey guarding  the lake,
And when Garuda   hit him with his beak, he caught him  and kept him in one of his armpits,
And when Sudarshana wanted to get them ,  that  monkey who was lord Hanuman,
Told him  that  the flowers  are meant for  Rama and Sita  and caught him and kept him in  another of his  arm pit.

Then he enquired   with both of them   about who wanted  those flowers,
And when they told “Lord Krishna”,  he went to Krishna   taking them along.
Seeing the ferocious  monkey  all the queens became greatly scared,
But Lord Krishna   told them   that   he   was lord Hanuman   and he further told.

‘Hanuman    is a devotee  of Rama   and Sita   and I can just by thought  become Rama,
And any lady who has   the prettiness  of the  mind   and form of   Sita ,
Can easily become   like  her just by praying    to her, You are all pretty  , Why  don’t you try?”
Each and every queen   of Lord  Krishna  tried  but all of them   miserably failed.

Then Lord Krishna   sent word to  his Radha    and  told her about the problem,
And she  said, “ every thing  is made to happen  only by Lord Krishna  ,
I am neither   pretty in mind or body   but for his   wish and command “
And  she  automatically got looks   of Sita   and Krishna became Rama.

AS soon as  Hanuman saw them, he  fell at their  feet    and told them.,
“Oh Lord had  I known that  it was you   who have sent   your servants .
I would not have caught them.”  And Lord Krishna told him,
“Pride had blinded   them   and   they did not know   that  all that  they do is because of me.”

Hanuman freed Garuda   and Sudarshana  and saluted  Lord Krishna  and went away,
And Garuda  , Sudarshana    as well the   very many pretty    queens  of  Krishna  saluted him,
And told “We have now realized   that  what  we are is because of you  and have learnt humility.”
Krishna told them “Even your learning this lesson of humility is dedicated   to that   great  God Krishna.”

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