Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mother’s eye

Mother’s eye

Rewritten  from Tamil by,

( I read this wonderful story in the post of my friend Neyveli Murali. My eyes   were full of tears. I have tried my best to bring out the soul of the story in English.  Thanks Sri Murali)

Ramu his darling  wife Geetha,
Their little honey like daughter  Anandi,
And their very affectionate    widowed Mother  Janaki,
Were   living   in a  pigeon   hole like home   in Chennai

One  day  Geetha   had a big quarrel   with Janaki,
Over   what dish was  liked   most by Ramu ,
And that day evening  Geetha told Ramu,
In this home  either I am there or your mother

Next day evening  Ramu told  his poor widowed mother,
From   today on you    are going   to live in an old age home,
They would look after   you well , give you  timely food,
And we three   would visit you   every month   once.

Janaki  cried and wailed  and told Ramu   with a stutter,
“Your father  left me when you were  just six , without any wealth,
I  worked in several homes   as a  cook in the mornings,
And in a hotel   after  ten and    brought you  up with care.”

“All that I want from you   is a sitting space in a corner of this home,
And I take oath on the name of God , I would never quarrel with  Geetha,.”
But Ramu was  adamant   and dragged   the old lady   who gave him everything,
To an old age home , which he rarely visited afterwards     at any time

One day When Ramu was taking his wife  ,
For a ride  on his scooty,  a huge  lorry came   and hit him,
And Gettha was thrown out of the seat     and  ,
She was rushed   to a nearby  Hope hospital  ..

After a few days, when the doctor   came out of the ICU,
Ramu got a phone call from the old age home,  and he ,
Cut the call off    and switched  off  his phone and the doctor,
Told, “Geetha has lost her eye sight   and we are trying to get an eye for her.”

Ramu cried a lot    and suddenly the   doctor came   and told him,
“We have got an eye and she would be able to see”
And the operation was a success   and Geetha   regained w eye sight,
And told Ramu, “WE did  a sin by putting your mother  in the home.”

“We should contact them immediately and    get her back.”, and Ramu,
Called the old age home  and they told him  ,”Your mother had a  heart attack,
And she wanted to see you all but you cut off the call and switched off the phone.
WE have never seen a   worse   son than you, but please hear.”

“AS per the policy of our home we donated   her eye to Hope hospital,
And we understand that   it was fixed to a mother  who had a daughter.
Please contact that lady   so that  at least  the eyes of your mother  can see you all.”
Ramu contacted  the doctor and he came to know that his wife was seeing him using his mother’s eye.

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