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Happy and glorious Women’s day to all Indian ladies

Happy and glorious   Women’s day to all Indian ladies

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   I just made    a  partial list   of women achievers   of India. None of them were  famous for cooking or housekeeping or  beauty   or  being  wives   who loved  their husbands . Each of them   are as    great any Indian Man.Be proud of yourselves . No one can say   that   you were not great nor were  revolutionaries for  YOU ARE  GREAT  Add more names   to this great list  .

Sathi devi  differed with Lord   Shiva   about  going to function in her home
Parvathi    asked   and got half    the   body  of her husband ,
Ganga devi  requested  Lord Shiva to receive   her on his head
Sachi devi    asked  Nahusha to come to her  carried by Saptha Rishis
The great Gargi  questioned even greater Yajnavalkya in Janaka’s court.
Maithreyee  asked the same saint , searching for what  , he is going  away  to the forest
Nalayani carrier her leper  sage    husband  to the home of a prostitute  in a basket
Sarmishta   married   the  very old   and blind  Chyavana  because she blinded him
Kaikeyi   put her thumb  in the hole of chariot’s wheel   to keep it stable
Sita   insisted  lord Rama    to teke her   to the forest  and told Ravana he was like a  twig
Tara  took  the rein of her  kingdom as she loved it  and as she knew Sugreeva  irresponsible
Mandodhari  pointed out to Ravana   that what he was doing wrong
Savithri steadfastly followed Yama to get the   soul of her husband
Damayanthi deserted   by Nala  reached   her home   and waited for him
Parimala Gandhi   to protect her kingdom  , got children  tp her widowed daughter  in laws
Kunthi   gave her husband children when he became   barren
Gandhari   tied her   eyes forever   because   her  husband    was blind
Panchali   lived with five husbands   just to  protect the   words of her mother in law
Panchali took an oath that  unless  those tormented were killed  she would not tie her hair
Bhama   fought   with Narakasura     and killed   him
Kannagi burnt    the city   of Madurai   when injustice   was shown to her
Rani Padmini   jumped  in to the fire  to avoid getting married   to a Islamic  king
Rahi Jhansi Bhai   fought    with the  British to save her kingdom
Akkamadevi   wrote great   SAivaite literature    in prose
A muslim princess    fell in love   with Lord Ranganatha   and has a temple in Srirangam
Kittur Rani Chennamma   fought   with the british to save her kingdom
MS Subbalakshmi  and Latha Mangeshkar  mesmerized    the whole    word  with their voice
Rukhmani Devi Arundale stabled    the greatest school of Barathanatya   called Kalakshetra  in Tamil Nadu
Alamelamma   cursed   the Wodeyars  that  the king would never get a son
Captain Lakshmi   fought   shoulder to shoulder  in INA   against the British
Ashapoorna Devi    got   the Jnana Peeth award  for her writing
Mother Theresa   got Nobel Prize for peace 
Kalpana CHawla   was the first Indian lady astronaut
Vijayalakshmi Pundit was the first lady president   of UN general assembly 

Indira Gandhi became the first lady prime minister  of our country 

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