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Matchless devotion to Lord Krishna

Matchless  devotion to Lord Krishna

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(I read this   story written in Tamil in a whatsapp message .I was simply shaken. I am sure you would also experience it)

One devout  priest   in an ancient temple of Krishna,
One day opened   the temple    for morning  Pooja,
And he was shocked to see one cowdung    spot ,
On Lord  Krishna’s ears    and he was   greatly shocked

He always locked   the doors  of the temple with great care,
He always kept   the key to the temple  below  his pillow,
And  he had never seen   an open  temple door .
In any of the  mornings  in his entire  life.

With great sorrow , he removed    the cow dung spot,
Cleaned   the  form of   the   lad Krishna ,
Whom he loved   with all his    heart ,
And started hois morning chores   at the  temple.

All the devotees   had gone away after  worship,
But a   very  friendly devout   unlettered  poor old woman,
Was still   sitting   in the temple  , with her  tear filled eyes,
Fixed   on that lad. Who makes our life joyful.

The priest who considered her as his  friend asked her,
“Mother   why are you crying?”   and that old lady said,
“Yesterday   my Krishna    ate  tonnes of butter ,
And I am   sad that  it might have not digested  and it may be aching”

The priest enquired “WQhat did you wish for yourself?”
And she replied, “ All I want is my Krishna  should be healthy ,
And joyful and I am also worried    that  hundreds of devotees,
Keep on asking something   and he is forced  to  lift his right hand always”

“I wish that  they would  stop their requests   for some time,
For otherwise   his hand will start paining  . Did not he  with the same hand,
Give Saris to Panchali    and drive   chariots   to Arjuna .
Which would have    caused him pain? At least now let him rest.”

“Also he keeps on holding    his flute  and I am sure,
That   would have added   to his pain. I keep on,
Requesting him to take rest and    hand down his right hand ,
But some how   he does not   seem to bother   at all.

The priest closed   the temple   with  great   feeling of guilt,
And could not   sleep properly   and around five AM,
He felt as if some one    was waking him up and then ge saw the Lord Krishna,
Who told , “It is not your mistake. Leave your body here  and let your soul come  with me.”

Then Lord Krishna   and the soul of the priest   went to that old woman’s hut,
And they are  cleaning   her floor  as well as  kitchen stow with cow dung,
And after that  job was over  , a little of the   cow   dung was left in her hand,
And  she threw  it outside her home   saying “Krishnarpanam- I give it to Krishna.”

And the cow dung went   through    a samall hole in the roof of the temple,
And got attached to the Gods form   and then the priest understood ,
What had happened and next day , he cleaned    the   cowdung ,
And did Pooja as usual    but the old did not come that day.

Next day morning  the God again woke up the priest   and told,
That the old woman was dying anf if he goes   to her home ,
He would be able to see    strange sights    which no one else,
Would be able to  see   and the priest rushed    to her home.

As soon as he entered , the old lady breathed her  last  and the priest,
Could see  coming down in a heavenly chariot to take her soul  to heaven,
But the priest heard the old lady    telling lord Krishna , What is the need for all this?,
My only request  is  that my children should look after you properly”

AS soon as she told like this the heavenly chariot   dashed against a wall,
And burst in to pieces and Krishna told her , “ Are you not my mother?
I am bound to obey your wishes   and saying this he made her in to two golden ear globes,
Wore it and went away  and next day the priest saw  his Lord Krishna wearing   the same globes.

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