Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The fleeting joy of human life in the veil of darkness of Samsara

Even when  one is suffering , small pleasures  make him happy ?

The fleeting joy  of human life  in the   veil  of darkness  of Samsara

Summarized   from Tamil  by

(Based on the very scholarly  lecture  of Mukkur   Sri Lakshmi Narasimhachaya    Swami   which was posted  in the face book.)

On a new moon day  one man   was walking through  deep forest,
Suddenly a tiger   started   chasing him  and he   ran     with great speed,
And he fell in to a  dilapidated   well, hit a stone  there and his head  started bleeding,
But he was  happy as he has   escaped from the tiger and he tied  a bandage  and started  singing.
Suddenly   there   was a movement inside the well   and he noticed  a huge  very hungry  Python ,
With open mouth was  moving towards   him  and he noticed a branch of a  tree on the well wall,
And he jumped  and started  hanging on it and then two big bandicoots   started  gnawing the branch,
And he managed  to jump and catch the wall  well , where   there  was  a very big bee hive,
And  when he was  being bitten by the bees , one drop of honey fell on his mouth ,
And it seems  he though  he was lucky    and enjoyed   the sweetness  of that honey.

Like this we   are walking  in the forest  of human life   and the tiger called  Karma,
Starts chasing us and fall in to the well   called samsara  and get hurt,
Suddenly a python called   sickness  in old age   is trying   to swallow   us completely,
And we catch hold   of a branch called   hope gnawed  by the bandicoots of  time and death
Indicating  that   we cannot be there  forever and then we jump and catch hold,
Of the  edge of the well   which is the doctor and at that time    thousands  pf bees,
Who are relatives   try to exploit us   and   in spite  of all that  unending misery,
We some times  get a momentary  limited   soon ending enjoyment like the drop of honey,
And we   forget   all our circumstances    and    enjoy it and are  just happy,
Instead   of surrendering to God    and   getting   endless  joy,

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