Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A husband asks “How come my darling?”

Oh wives   , note these down and  make him  not   to  repeat the same questions again,  as he also is  a human being.

A  husband asks  “How come my darling?”


(When I  wrote   “ A wife asks “ Jow come my darling?” . the men and husbands    wanted a  similar   questionnaire     to be sent to the wives.  So to please   my friends I wrote this more in fun   with truth being a distant relative  . )

After   an d before   our engagement  ,
You acted as if you were   very shy,
And would not talk to me   before others.
But How come darling    you never seem to stop talking nowadays ?

When you go   to a shop   to select  a Sari for yourself,
You used to take   hundreds of hours   and spend ,
Thousands of rupees    but how come darling ,
If I need a shirt , the time to shop is five minutes  and cost  is just below thousand?

Most of the days    when I go to office   to earn money,
You do to the beauty  parlour  to spend    that money,
And how come darling , your made up beauty   does not last ,
Even for a few hours  and every one say that I am handsome  without all these.

When there is celebration in your family   , you seem to think,
That none of your family  members know anything ,
And you  go well  in advance  and how come darling,
When there  is a function in my home , it is those three days?

Right from the days   before   the marriage  , you seem,
To hate   dowry   and used to say   that our home members,
Are fleecing    your people   but how come darling ,
Whenever   your family  is in need , my money flows there  like ganges?

When    my very old   parents    inform us   that  they,
Are coming  , I find either   you are   very sick  ,
Of children have exams   or that  your busy  with your work,
But how come darling you   are always free when your parents visit?

When my people    come to visit  to our  home,
You seem to think too  much of expenses ,
And   the food is  usually simple   with Rasam and side dish,
And how come when your people come , we take  them to five star hotel?

When   the children of my siblings come for a visit,
You seem to get terribly annoyed at their mischief,
And find it extremely difficult   to cook any dishes,
But how come   when your brother’s children come , we roll a red carpet?

When   by misfortune   I bring an office friend home ,
You seem to be shabbily dressed   and do not   bother ,
To give him even a cup of tea , but if it is your friend,
How come darling you are well dressed  and order food from hotel?

You seem to like    those   horrible looking   idiots  on the screen,
Too- too much for   their personality and   six pack look ,
But how come darling   you do  not like any heroines,
And call them all worthless  ladies showing their all?

You seem to watch   TV serials   endlessly   from morn to night,
Not allowing   any one else    to come  near the remote,
And when me or kids    want   to  watch a cricket test ,
How come darling ,  you feel that  we are watching  useless programmes?

After   your  coaching our kids    for exams ,   their marks,
Seem to    go down like   a waterfall   but ,
How come darling  when    the kids want me to coach them,
You seem to feel it is better  they go back to their idiot teacher .

You    seem to watch the TV    endlessly   and whatsapp ,
Every minute   of your time    to your very many friends,
And How come darling ,   you behave idiotically ,
Are bereft of common sense and lack general knowledge?

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