Friday, March 24, 2017

Advice to a young wife by an old lonely lady who is a widow

Advice  to a young wife  by an old lonely lady  who is a widow


(Based on   the post Sri Rajagopal Srinivasan in face book.)

A  very young couple   went to attend a marriage   held in a home ,
After a  war of words  husband went in  the Pandal    and   the wife   sat  outside  on a chair,
A sixty   year old woman   was also   sitting   on another   chair outside,
And she asked , “Excuse me , May I know   what you both argued   about.”

She replied  “No problem aunty . Today is the marriage   of my sister in law,
When my husband  whom no one  respects   in his   own home and every one ignores,
Wanted me to join the function   and all that happens there as  his wife,
I  told him, “Just because  I am a lady  , I am not  your slave, to do all that you want.”

Then old lady with a  pleasant smile told  ,” Oh daughter , once upon  a time,
I would accompany my husband wherever   he went ,  and he passed away eight months back,
We were almost of the same age and we   were   both teachers and after we retired,
WE would go to all pilgrimage  centres  as our three married sons  were   living separately.”

“Unfortunately my husband    had diabetes,  hypertension  , high fat content,
And Wheezing    and due to that  he was weak and  it was me   who gave him,
Medicines in time  , looked after   him well  , household chores,
Bank   visits  ,  bill payments  , purchases etc  and we were  happy.”

“Now he is not there and I am feeling    very lonely  and my days are long,
And I sleep alone   in our twin bed  and also I go to kitchen alone   hating it,
Cook   something without any interest  and I do not go out any where alone.
My daughter  , I am not a great  poet to make you understand  the torture of being alone.

With    tears   flowing from her eyes    she further   told  “All his   materials,
Make me remember  him,  and  I have his phone number   but  he is not there,
To respond and if  I send a  whatsapp   message    he would  not read it ,
And so   when they are alive   do love them and make them happy by praising  them.”

“In the victory , defeat   and insult suffered by the   husband  , wife   has,
A very equal share and  the insult   suffered  by the husbands  ,
Due to   their wives  not supporting  them  , makes him suffer  too much,
It would wound him and the scar   of that  particular  wound never heals.”

“When I used to f go  out   with my husband , he used   to rush fast ,
And    reserve a seat for me  and always he used to make me comfortable,
And several times  when I  only used to get a   seat in the bus
He used  to   keep awake   all the time   to see that I am not disturbed.
Daily   I go to his  grave   and tell him  , “have you gone early there,
To reserve a comfortable seat to me, I would be soon following you.”
Saying this the old woman said bye  and    went away and the young lady,
Went in search of her husband  so that   she could stand in support for  him in insult   and respect.

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