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Can we use sea water , which is an international asset

Can we   use sea water , which is an international asset

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(Based on the tamil post by my   friend  Sri Ravi Ramanathan.   Perhaps  It can happen in India.)

There was a poor villager  who lived   with his grandma.
And one a wound appeared  in the   feet  of grandma ,
Which unfortunately did   not heal whatever he did ,
And a  village physician  told him  to  apply sea water daily  on the wound.

It was no problem at   all for the villager   as his home was on a beach,
But suddenly he thought that  sea water is a public property, and so,
Could be used   only with the consent   of  the government ,
And so  he  gave an application  to village officer   to get  him permission.

Since no one had   asked   permission to use   the sea water  before that,
The village  officer forwarded it to the  Thehsildar  and Tehsildar  thought,
That the village officer   wanted to put  him in some   very deep trouble  ,
And  sent that  application to the district collector, saying  he does not have power to do it,

The collector was perplexed   and did not know   whether  the applicant ,
Belonged to the  ruling party  or opposition party  and to avoid any trrouble,
Sent it to department  of natural resources and it was put up to the concerned minister,
Who   was ignorant of   what to do as he  suspected   some  miscreant   behind it.

He  wrote “river water  , well water   are under control of state  government ,
And that he was not sure    whether  sea water  belongs to to state or central government,
And so   it may   be forwarded   to the ministry  of environment      at New  Delhi,”
and send it back to  the  secretary of his ministry who forwarded  it to the centre.

The ministry of environment    of the central government   thought  that,
Sea water   was an international asset  and consulted  the Prime minister,
Who said that  he was busy  and thought  that   since sea water  ,
Is between two different shores  of different countries, They should not permit its use.

The order was sent by  Minister of environment  at  the centre  , from there   to Ministry,
Of Natural resources  of the state government who forwarded it to the  collector,
Who forwarded   it to the Tehsildar  and  who sent it to village  officer  ,
Who sent   it to the villager  , whose grandma had passed away  a year back.   

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