Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Pray to God but do not ask him anything

Pray to God     but do not   ask him anything


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(This is based on the great  and detailed wiriting by N,Ganesan posted by     by Hamsabai  SAnthana Krishnan. All of us have problems and we believe   God can help  but  should  we not leave it to him  the decision, which would be for universal good.)

A  student   who has not  prepared   his lessons at all,
Prayed  to God , “you  only can help me”  and ,
 An intelligent well prepared one also prayed,
And God  helps the later  in spite of  former blaming    him.

A farmer   prays   God     for  lot of rain,
And a potter   prays   for no rain at all,
And God  takes a  decision favouring  one,
And helps the other  to earn   sufficiently

One great   devotee   who is now a billionaire,
Earlier prayed to God “Please   make me ,
An officer in a bank”   and God did  not bother about it,
Because he knew that  the person has to become a billionaire

Please  understand   that   God knows  much better than you ,
And without doing your duty , he would not help you,
And for him   the good of all is  more important  than good of one.
And he also knows    your future  and takes   decision accordingly

So please   do not try   to tell God   that  he is not  correct ,
He is unjust   and in spite  of  your devotion   does not give you  what you want,
For he is the one who keeps milk in the breast of mother before  child’s birth,
And  your knowledge   is nothing  compared    to his wisdom.

Pray to God,  “You know everything   about every thing,
And so  do not   make me    ask  or request  you anything,
For we   all know   that  your     decisions   are always right,

And   it would be  beneficial   to  the entire world and all its  beings.”

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