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Apply to admission in a monastery with identification

Apply   to  admission in a monastery with identification

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(This is based   on a  tamil posting   in the face book, Thanks to whoever  has posted it there. I searched online for it  but could not find it.  Had the monastery  been in India in 2017, Singlan  would be forced   to apply for aadhar card.)

There was a chinese   soldier   called  Singlan,
Who wanted to know   about   spirituality.  

He wandered all around   in search of a great Guru,
And reached the monastery    in Tibet   at the mountain top.

When he    was trying    to enter  the great monastery ,
One young saint stopped   him  and asked him  what he wanted.

Singlan   said he wanted to know  about    what is spirituality ,
And he heard  that the monastery teaches   just that.

The young saint told   that there  are lot of rules  of admission   in that monastery
A nd so he should  first   write an application   along with  his identity.

The saint  also told   that already ten thousand people had applied.
And the chief   finally proposes     to choose   just twenty students

Singlan laughed    and told  the saint that as he   wanted to learn spirituality,
The first thing   he lost   was all   the identity   about him.

The saint   said   you cannot be admitted  , pushed him out,
And closed   the door and Singlan   slept    below a  tree.

That night   the chief of monastrey  who was all knowing ,
Called   and told the young saint”Don’t you know that we have all lost our identity”

He  also told him, Since Singlan   has lost   all his identity   even before coming there,
He  was the  best student    and  was already selected   as the first student .

The young saint felt ashamed that  he asked    for identity from a person,

Who has already lost it , as he himself   did not have any identity.

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