Saturday, March 18, 2017

Donkey adjustment -the new philosophy of life

Donkey    adjustment  -the new  philosophy   of life

Posted in Tamil  by
Prof.Viswanath Das

Rewritten in English by

There   was a merchant  with roaring business  in good old times,
Who used   to go to various places   to do his trade,
And one day     he met with an accident  and he  could not walk,
And so he    purchased   a healthy donkey    and started   riding on it.

After  that  his  travels became   without  any rhyme  or reason,
Days together   he went to east then   a day or days   to west or north,
Then he  would perhaps travel   again to east   or west or north,
And no one knew   to which direction he would go the next day.

Then  his friends   and relatives one  day stopped  him on the way,
“What is happening to you?  Some days you   go east and some to north?
Some day you return early    and some days   extremely late .
Is everything all right   with you and your   trade ? we are worried.”

Then the merchant told them  , “ after   that accident,
You know I depend on this   donkey    to go   anywhere I want,
And though I nurture him with love , he would   not go,
To the  direction that   I want  him to go”

“My only means  of livelihood is trade   and I cannot leave it,
Nor can I fight   with this donkey and so  he carries  me ,
To the direction that  he likes and I finish my jobs in that  direction.
Neither have  I any problem nor does the donkey seem to have a problem”

So  if we   want to lead    our life   without  problems,
We have to understand how   to adjust    with a donkey,
That is life , where   if we adjust  with donkeys  everything  would be fine.
This is   even  okay   in married life   where   we have to  adjust with husband or wife donkey.

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