Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Kali age has come -said Yudhishtra

Parents  being neglected  by children, Bad people   able to  achieve   difficult jobs easily , Government which  is supposed to protect  busily  engaged   in destroying , People wanting to earn dishonestly   and People not bothering about   contractual  obligations  are according to this story  , the symptoms of Kali age .

Kali age   has come  -said  Yudhishtra


(This is a famous folk story regarding coming of Kali age ,Many people have posted in Tamil .Possibly some one has posted in English also. I have written in my own words.)

 It was the ancient time   when Pandavas were ruling the country,
A  horse merchant    brought to the market place of the town,
A very  pretty   and perfect horse  and Sahadeva   the last Pandava,
Wanted to buy that horse but the merchant  said it was  not for sale.

He further added   that   the horse  would be given to that person,.
Who answers his questions correctly    and Sahadeva   told him  ,
“I will try”  and  the  merchant asked ”There was  big well   and also,
There were seven small wells. The water  of big well  filled up
All the  seven small wells  but the seven  small wells were unwilling to fill the big well, why?”

Since Sahadeva    could not answer    this question  , he sat there  thinking,
And Nakula   who came in search of  Sahadeva   wanted to buy that horse,
And Trader   asked Nakula ‘An  black elephant   entered through  ,
The nozzle   I of a needle but its  redtail could not go through it. why?”

Then Arjuna   came in serach of both of them   and wanted   to buy,
That horse   and the trader asked him,  “Rice in  had matured   and ready  to harvest, ,
In a filled     and people put    strong fence    to guard   the rice,
But next day  the fence itself ate   all the crop and   the field was  empty, Why?  ?’

When  all the three   brothers   did not return ,Bhima   came in search of them,
And  he too wanted  the horse   and the   trader   asked him , “ A man purchased,
A vacant plot from another,    two days before  and yesterday the buyer  found a gold mine in the plot,
And he went back to the seller and  wanted to   return the land as he could not afford to buy  the mine,
But Seller told him , “nothing doing  , you have paid for the land  and so the mine is yours,”
But today  the seller wants  the land back    but  the buyer  is not willing to return it , Why?”

Bhima  also sat there   and Yudhishtra  the eldest came and asked   the brothers,
Why they have  not returned   and  all the four   told him the questions  asked  by the trader,
And  Yudhishtra told , “’That   trader   is the Kali age   and he wants us to know  ,
That the Kali age   has come   and so it is time    for us to go to heaven.”

He further told , “Parents would fill up the coffers  of children but  the children,
Would not  bother   to look after  their parentsn the Kali age     and this is  indicated,
By the  water of big well  filling   up  all  the small wells but
The  small wells   not at all   willing   to fill the big well.”

In kali age. “ big dishonest deeds   would happen very easily   but  ,
Even a small good deed  would find  it difficult to happen as indicated,
By question of black  elephant and   in kali age   those whose job  is to protect people,
Would  not protect them  but destroy them as  indicated by question of  fence eating  the crop.”

He continued , “Till yesterday  it was not Kali age   and so   the buyer  did not want,
Money earned dishonestly   and the seller was not bothered about money but,
Was interested  in upholding the   contract  but today  Kali age   has come  ,
The buyer wants to earn dishonestly    and the seller wants  to break the contract”
And Yudhishtra said,” if we live in this age we would suffer a lot    and so let us go to heaven.”

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