Sunday, March 12, 2017

A suggestion for a new Hindu type of celebration for our birthdays

A suggestion for a new Hindu type of celebration for our birthdays
(with no hope of it being implemented )


According to Hindu concept   putting off a light on a birthday is an ill omen. We should rather light  a lamp .  The birthday  song in English without   knowing anything about it is a meaningless. Rather   we should  make   a pretty  happy birthday wish by jointly saluting God   and praying for long life, auspiciousness   and joy   to the Individual   celebrating the birthday. WE would perhaps enjoy it more   if we distribute  Indian sweets   to our close friends. Here   is a wonderful birthday prayer  .If people do not understand Sanskrit   we can sing it in English   (lines given)

birthday song

जन्मदिन गानम्
जन्मदिनमिदम् अयि प्रिय सखे
शंतनोतु हि सर्वदा मुदम्

Janmadinamidam ayi priya sakhe
sham tanotu hi sarvada mudam |

My dear friend , let your this birthday,
Be  filled  with auspiciousness  and joy

प्रार्थयामहे भव शतायु:
ईश्वर सदा त्वाम् रक्षतु

prarthayamahe bhava satayu:
eshwara sada twam ca rakshatu |

I pray a life span of hundred years to you  ,
And the God    always   protect you

पुण्य कर्मणा कीर्तिमार्जय
जीवनम् तव भवतु सार्थकम्

punya karmana keerthimarjaya
jeevanm tava bhavatu saarthakam ||

Gain fame    by performing auspicious deeds,
And let your life   be   full  of meaning

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