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God does not forsake any one

God does not forsake    any one

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(This is a very famous story   available in various places on line.  One of them is   written in 2013  and even there the one who wrote has mentioned that  he does not know who is the author.  But I read it in face book  as  a post in Tamil  by one of my friends   and wrote this.  I thank the  original author of this great story. )

One  day  I decided  to forsake  this   my world,
My  work, My relations   and my belief in God,
I decided   that  I would  live deep   in the forest,
All alone   like sages   who has left the world.

After  entering   the forest  I wanted   to talk to God,
And ask him some questions   and clear   all my  doubts,
I called   him and he  came  immediately  before me ,
And I asked him , “Why I should not leave this world?”

God said , Just  see   all the plants  that grow  in this forest,
Most of them are  thorny  bushes   and ofcourse   some Bamboos
Which have grown taller and firmer   than all plants near it,
I was the one who put the   seeds of  bushes as well as  bamboos.

Ever since I put   the  seeds  I have  been observing   them closely,
I also supplied each plant  all their needs  including water , food and light.
The seeds of bushes germinated   very fast   and  they spread  all over  the forest ,
As if a very pretty   green carpet  is spread   all over    the forest.

But nothing happened   to the bamboo seed but I kept on caring for it,
One year  passed   but still  there  was no progress  in its growth.
But the bushes rose up   and stuck deep roots  and grew further,
But I did not stop   caring   for  the Bamboo seed  that did not grow.

Three years    got over  and soon  five years   were  also  got over,
But nothing   happened to the bamboo seeds but I did not forget about it,
And the fifth year came and the bamboo seed produced   two green leaves,
And the  small  looking bamboo plant   had broken the  strong soil and had come up.

But compared to bushes  it was   simply   insignificant   and a pygmy   so to say ,
But within another six  months  the bamboos grew much taller  than the bushes,
And I understood that  though bamboo seed did   not germinate   and come out ,
In these  five years, it had  produces a very strong root system which has spread  every where.

Only after   it was confident   that its root system   was strong and can support ,
A very tall  bush like   structure  the seed    had germinated and its roots were also strong.
For all my creations   I have given sufficient strength   to meet all  the challenges  it will face,
And  I  was very careful not to give them any challenges   and problems that  they cannot face,.”  Said god

God  continued  , “Did you know son   that   whenever you faced   problems and were sad,
You were growing roots and getting ready     to face  much more   greater problems than that.
I did not forsake   the Bamboo seed  , nor have  I forsaken you    any time   in your life.
Never compare yourself with others, you may be a bamboo  growing slowly  and they only thorny bushes.”

“Both Bamboo and the   thorny bushes   decorate the forest , but they are  very different,
I think the time for you to grow has come” and I asked”how tall   can I grow?”
And he replied  “as much as the bamboo plants”  but   I did not leave   him there  and asked.,
“Hw tall would bamboo grow?” and he said “As much as it  is capable.” And I asked “That much?”
God said  “Yes , you too can grow up  in this life and make progress   , as much as you can”
And he disappeared and  I started  back from the    forest , with very great deal  of confidence,
And   if you and every one who reads the story  can understand  that God provides us  all that we need,
And   without bothering  about shorter growth at times , we all should grow as much as we are capable.

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