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Names are just labels to identify you

Names  are just labels to identify you


  There was a man who was named Papi(sinner) by his parents. He felt extremely bad about it and went to his Guru to  get his name changed. The Guru requested to him to take a walk in the village  , chose a name    and come back ..Papi first met a man who had lost his way. When Papi asked him    about his name, he told that , it was Marga DArsi meaning, one who shows the way.Papi thought that he also has been given a wrong name and  then saw one man’s dead body being carried to the  cremation ground.The curious Papi    enquired about the dead man’s name    and they told him that it was  Mrutyunjaya, the person who has won over death. Papi immediately returned back to   his Guru and told him , “Sir I have realized   that  the name that people give it to a person is a luggage label   and is only a means of identification.”   This is a famous story from Upanishads . Whenever I remember this story , I remember the  white Karuppans,  the rich  Pichai,  the ugly murugans , the blind Meenakshi ,  the very clean Kuppai swamy , the merciless  Karunanidhis, the very thin Parvatha Vardhinis, the very selfish Thyagarajans, the  natarajan who does not know how to dance, the Sangeethas   who does not know  how to sing, the mangalams who are inauspicious , the Nallan who is not at all  good and so on . Yesterday I saw a poem about funny Hindu names in Kerala which I have given below..Again  my request is please  understand that our names are  only labels  which helps others   to identify us. Its meanings  and our characters may not have any connection whatsoever

WE do not know   whether Kerala   was named .
AS Cherala  , the garden   of chera   dynasty ,
Or as  Kera Ala  , the garden of coconuts ,
But the names  of people   there  also  is interesting

There  is a girl   called  Pankaja  valli  there ,
Which means she is as tender   as the  tender  vine  ,
Of the lotus  plant , but   she would   be so fat  ,
That  cannot walk and sari would have length sufficient to her,

There is another  girl call  “AAsa latha” which would mean,
The climbing plant of desire but if   you   happen to see her ,
You would realize   that   she  is a very dejected  lady,
AS none of her   desires   were ever  fulfilled.

Yet another   girl    is Santhamma    whose  meaning ,
Indicates that   she is the personification of peace,
But if she gets angry , tigers   and lions would get  ,
Sacred and run away  and she would break everything she sees.

If  an unfortunate  person   like   you would    be fated ,
To see   eyes of Kamalakshi, the lotus    eyed one ,
And Meenakshi,  the one who has fish shaped eyes,
You would see   that she has  round  protruding     eyes.

Like that, the  Pankajakshan   would be   having  tilted eyes,
Vidhyadharan   the one carries wisdom would have failed in third standard,,
Pushpangathan   who is suppose  to have soft body like flower  would have itches all over his body,
Manikandan   whose voice is suppose  to sound like bell, would have a horrible   voice.

Santhosh the   ever happy  one will never  ever be happy in life,
Sathyan, the truthful one   would never ever   tell the truth,
Vijayan , the victorious  one would get defeated  in everything in his life,
Gopalan , the one who looks after  the cow  would be the butcher  of cows,

Viswambaran  the one whose home  is the  universe  would never  any home,
And to know   whether  saji, suji   Sanu  , Soonu  , Sunil .Kamal and Vimal,
 Are females are males  , you  would have to  see them personally  ,
And unless   you  realize that name is only a label. You would never be at peace.

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