Thursday, March 23, 2017

Some knowledgeable free tips to the husbands to keep their wives happy.

Some knowledgeable free   tips to the  husbands to keep their  wives happy.


(These great tips in typical tamil  commercial lingua    was posted by my   friend  Srimani Venkatraman , I am  only passing it on to people    who do not know Tamil)

When your mother in  law    is  observing penance ,
With concern get angry with    your darling wife,
“Mother  is  suffering    greatly   doing all this”
And see   the face of better  half filled   with joy

When you and   your dear   wife   are  watching TV ,
And when  Kalyan jewelers    advertises  ,
For a new    gold   diamond Mela , even though,
You do not mean it say “We have to buy that”  and see  her face.

When   your   and  yourself    are   enjoying  doing nothing,
When  your class mate   calls you for a party and get together,
Say Loudly   in the phone , “I  cannot    come to any treat,
AS I have  to go to temple  with my wife”  and see her turning happy.

When you   are  talking   some absolute    rubbish    with your   wife,
Make your face and voice  full of sorrow   and tell your wife,
“For a  long time I have   not    seen your  parents  and I am ,
Feeling like inviting them” and see   yor wife’s face light up.

Ask  often your wife, “How come     you are so pretty,”
Discuss   with your pretty sister in law atomic physics,
Put wife’s picture after  make up  as wall paper  in your phone ,
Do Not shout “Oh my god”  when you see  her face  as soon as she wakes up.”

Whatever   trash your dear wife cooks  , enjoy ,
Every morsel   and tell her , “No one can cook like her”
And if she  beats you with   chapathi  roller pin,
Fall down , cry  and struggle but never get up and  shout at her.”

These   are but only preliminary     tips    as to ,
How to lead   a happy  life    with your wife ,
For any other   extra tip  , pay a fees  ,
Of one thousand  rupees and  register yourselves.

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