Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Daughter , Daughter and Daughter

Daughter  , Daughter and Daughter

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(This is based on a slightly  different write  up in english   posted on the same subject in the face book. Unfortunately  I did not note the name of the contributor ,May God bless that Anon friend .Sons do love their parents equally and would  sacrifice their all  for their sake but a daughter  would be a daughter)

Ram  and Sita  got married  in high fashion,
And they had a house warming  of their own home ,
And next day  , they decided   to celebrate  the entire day,
And  sealed an  agreement  that  to no one  they will open the door.

Ram’s parents   were   the first  to knock   at their door,
And respecting his agreement with Sita , Ram did not open the door,
And then  Sita’s parents   arrived  and  knocked the door ,
Sita crying pleaded with Ram and he  opened the door for them.

Years later  Ram and Sita   had a very pretty  son,
And  they did celebrate    the birth of   the son ,
And then one  more   son was   born to them,
And no celebration worth   talking    was  carried out

After   two more years   the warmth   of their home  ,
Was  increased by the birth of cherubic   anjel like  daughter,
And Ram went over board  , called all  his friends and relations,
And threw   a very huge party   , like which the iown has  not seen.

Sita   asked Ram  with little   hesitation   the reason  ,
For the   very  huge   celebration     and Ram replied.
“She is the  one   who is   going to open the   door,
One day for both of us , come   what may , with a smile.”

“She is the  one   who   would   forgo  her food one day,
And feed    us   and become   happy to see  us eat,
And  I thought  that   her arrival    was  worth  heralding ,

AS she is  a great hope for  us, as we  would soon be old.”

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