Sunday, March 5, 2017

Five idiots

Five idiots

Rewritten by

(This is same as  the story    told in written slightly differently  . My acknowledgements   to the author of the story)

One day   the  chief  of India  called the Police    chief,
And told him that he wanted to see  five great idiots of the country.
The Police   chief was aghast for he knew   how to find a wise person  but not  an idiot
But Order was an order   and he searched  all over the country.

He returned   with two people   and met the Prime minister  with them,
And said  “Sir, I have brought    the five idiots     whom you wanted,
One is this  first one, who  was trying to   dig   alone,  a huge mountain ,
So that  he can dig  a huge lake  to supply waterto the entire country.

He then  showed the second  one and showed , the second  idiot and told,
“ This   gentleman   claimed    that   he    was  going to USA  by walk,,
And for every forward step  , he took  two  backward   steps.”  And the chief said,
“Okay  but what about the other three?”  and the Police  chief replied.

“The  third is myself for    going on such a useless   and silly errand like this,
And the fourth is yourself  , for sending  me on this idiotic   errand  ,
And Fifth sir,  Is the one who read    this    silly   thing up to the end ,

In the   Whatsapp  , hoping that  he would find  out  how  I found those  five idiots.”

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