Monday, March 20, 2017

A wife asks “How come my darling?”

Oh husbands  , note these down and  make her not  repeat the same questions again, She also is  a human being.

A  wife  asks  “How come my darling?”

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(The original in Tamil had been posted by  Hamsabai Santhana Krishnan   in face book .My thanks to her.)

After   our engagement  , you used  to come,
To my home   daily saying   that it was 
Birthday, lover’s day , women’s day  and so on,
But  how come my darling  nowadays   you forget   even my birthday?

When you   go to  select  a shirt for yourself.
You never select a cloth  of more than  rupees twenty five a meter,
But how come my darling   if my    father  presents   you a shirt,
You   only select Park avenue   shirts and Raymond  pants?

When you have   a function   of your family  ,
Your office always  gives you  a week holiday,
But how come my darling  , if it is a function  of my home.
Your office seems to have inspection, auditing  and meeting?

If there   is a function involving your family members ,
You work like a donkey  and never even take  one minute rest?
But how come my darling   when it is a function   in my family,
You dress superbly and  not even lift a  twig  ?

If some one of your family    celebrates,  without ,
Even taking a bit   of loan , you give a present of twenty five thousand?
But how come my darling   when    a member of my family celebrates,
Your income tax is due and you have to take a loan to pay  rupees  one  thousand?

When the children of your sister   or brother   come here,
To spend the vacation, even  if they break  AC or washing machine ,
There   seem to be no problem because    they are children  ,
But how come my darling if my brother’s son breaks a ten rupee toy, you call  them monkey army?

When some guests   from your home    come to visit us,
You apply for leave   and  get excited to show round our town,
But   how come my darling when some one    from   my home comes,
There is meeting in your office and you come after  midnight?

When I ask you to buy    a   ear stud   or a necklace ,
You jump from earth to sky   and shout   at the  top of your   voice,
But how come my darling you stand like a simpleton  for  asking me for my necklace,
To finance  building of the home or     buy a vehicle for you?

When we go to shop a   new Sari for me  , your purse ,
Seems never to open  and you get upset if it costs more than five hundred,
But how come my darling    when we both go to the  office party,
You shout at me    for not wearing  a decent Sari as if   to insult you?

When I spend  more than one hour    to make up  ,
And wear  the best Sari  I have , you never  seem to appreciate,
But on the way  when we  meet the  horrible lady typist of yours ,
How come my darling , you  use  great words   to appreciate  her dress and looks?

When you have a slight fever   or a simple head ache ,
You   shout  so much and  always take rest,
But how come my darling when I am sick , you want me  ,
TO call a friend to prepare a five course lunch?

When you  come to our front door  , you find it ,
Difficult  to  ring the bell  , due to your big paunch,
But how come my darling you tell me   who  has  a pretty  chubby  look,
That your office steno  is a slim beauty   and I am useless.

When one   of your friend comes   from outside town,
You both spend the   entire   night in the bar,
But how come my darling  , when I meet   an old class mate in the road ,
You  drag me saying , we are late for bus  and there is cricket  match?

When we are  seeing some serials  in TV , you snatch the remote,
From us   and keep on   watching  news channels  one after other always,
But how come my darling when our    son asks , who is president of India,
You say Amithab Bachan  or Rajendrakumar   and tell our son to ask me for the correct answer?

One last question  my darling, Are   you hearing the news from TV or  ogling at   the news reader?

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