Monday, March 27, 2017

Some plain advice by father to his children

For some time a letter supposed to have been written by   a Hongkong  TV broadcaster to his son   is being   copied and pasted   in various forums   and even in Speaking tree. I try to find out the original   source  , I found it written in April 2007   and published  in May be there    are earlier references . The pathos   is that  most of the people  in India   do publish it   even without reading it. For example   the  words of the father   that  he does not depend on his son and he wanted   his son not to depend on him  , Is definitely  not suited  to the Indian context. I have   rewritten the letter in my own words, changing concepts where  I do not agree  with them. I still do not know who is the author.  To him my worshipful salutations

Some  plain advice by father  to his children
Rewritten by

My dear   sons and daughters, because    events in life   cannot be predicted,
Because  no one  would dare   to tell you all  this     , except me    you father.
And  since they  are my personal experiences   which may be useful   to you,
I am writing   this letter   so that  you would remember  them  in your journey of life.

If some one insults    you  and talks   to you   very harshly,
Please   do not mind , as except  , no one   needs  not   to behave like that to you,
If any one else  is good   to you   definitely thank him   but   to ask yourself,
Why he was  so good do to you and do not be hasty in making that person your friend.

NO one in the world  is indispensible and  possession of nothing again is indispensible,
And once you are clear of this   you can   enjoy life wanting none   and wanting nothing,
No one can tell   when this life would   end   but  is   clear  that   it is short,
And so  daily make up your mind  not to waste  that   day   of your life.

Love   towards    any one is a temporary  phase   in your life , though  ,
It may appear  permanent   and never fading  and so do not break  in to pieces  when love ends.
It is true    that   many people without    education  or great wealth   succeed in life ,
That does  not mean, all people can go from rags to riches   wiyjout study or without work.

I thank God    that  I am financially   independent  and  may not need monetary support,
But one day  I may become physically disabled   and I may need    your   support,
I  always    pray God that   you support   yourself  and are not dependent on me,
But   due  to misfortune  , you are sinking in difficult  , till I die  , I would support   you.

You may be honest  , you may be truthful    and you may also  be helpful to others,
But because  of that  do not expect   that people  are always , honest , truthful  and helpful to you,
Without    doing hard work and just by luck    do not expect to succeed in this  world,
And if   some one    succeeds   without them, it is never usual  but  a sheer accident .

Today   any  of us may be   alive    and talking   to others  but   tomorrow,
Any of us   would not be there   to talk , to laugh    and to listen to others,
And so  let us try   to greatly enjoy   the moments    of talk , laugh  and endearment ,
That we   have    as long as    we are together , as I am not sure  that I would meet you in next life.

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