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Nectar of the Gods

Nectar  of  the Gods

Shivram  (In Dinamani  news paper)

Summarised and translated by

(I would not have come across this great story but for the posting of the full story by my  Face book friend  Swarnalatha  Natarjan .Kudos to the great writer  and thanks to my friend. I am convinced the  Tamil original is superb and my translation  has lost the soul of the story )

Gayathri  prepared   fresh   filter coffee,
And kept   it by side table  of Sri Dikshith,
Who was seventy five   and he  enjoyed,
The great coffee   and got drowned  in his newspaper

Then chanting    several prayers  in  pretty tune,
Gayathri prepared   the needed  food ,
For her father in law, took a   share from that ,
To be delivered to her mother  in  the next street.

She then rushed back   to her own home  wakened up,
Her darling daughter Pavithra and sent her to school,
And  then she went to office to attend   to her office chores.
She also  had to keep in contact   with her husband  Balu who  was in USA.

One day an e mail came    to sri Diikshith    from his son Balu,
Who had enclosed a  paper for divorce   from his wife  ,
As she was not  wiling to leave Dikshith  and her mother ,
In a g five star  old age home , and go to USA  and  live with him.

He had said that   he would come in three  months ,
And do all  the necessary formalities to admit dikshith ,
In a five star old age   home   , so that  he would be,
Taken care  of extremely well and  be happy.

All that Dikshith knew was prayer   and with tear filled eyes,
He blessed Gayathri   and   requested God   to grand her a great life ,
And seeing him crying several times Gayathri    asked him ,
With great affection, “Father  what happened?” but he did not answer.

After three months  Balu arrived    from USA   but did not speak ,
With any one and so Gayathri one day night   said to him,
“Dear husband  , I want to discuss   an important matter  with you,”
And Balu said , “I have explained everything to father  and I have nothing more  to tell you.”

Gayathri told him, “He did not tell me    anything but  I have read your mail”
And Balu angrily  retorted “Then what is there to talk, sign the divorce papers.”
But she replied, “I would   and I do not have  any objection  for you marrying some one else,
But you have to leave your father   and our child with me   and I assure you, I will not marry again.”

Balu asked, “Why are you worried about my father?”  and she said , The day,
I got married to you, he became  my father.I simply cannot   afford to lose,
A great father  like him from my life and I want to  be with him till he dies.
I am not agreeable to put him in an old age home  and we cannot take him to USA  at this age.”

Gayatri continued, “Your father  and my mother   are my two eyes and,
I cannot leave my eyes in the safe deposit locker   which is like  leaving them  in old age home.
Don’t you have conscience  . Is  the life in USA and lots of wealth,
Necessary for us? I am ashamed of your selfishness.”

She continued, “ What a great man is your father   and how dared,
You to hurt  him so much by sending that mail to him . From that day  onwards  ,
He has not eaten, he has not slept   and  he did not tell  me about it,
And I only read   it without  his knowledge and felt  that  you can never be pardoned.”

Balu was shocked and jolted and told  , “Gayathri  pardon me.,
I was thinking of  keeping my eyes in safe deposit box ,
And lead a life of a blind brute   devoid  of eyes and devoid of  mind.
I will search for a job here and we will all  stay together here.”

Dikshith who heard all this   when he came   to the kitchen,
To drink water   felt relieved   and  in that darkness  went to the prayer room,
“For three months , Oh God , I was suffering a deep stress  and my daughter,
Solved it in three minutes .I asked for nectar  but you gave me  nectar of Gods.”

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