Saturday, February 25, 2017

The World laughed when I cried

The World laughed   when I cried


( Based on the great write up in face book by my friend     Mannargudi Sitaraman Srinivasan .My pranams to that great artist  of words. )

I  don’t understand , where  I am,
I seem to be floating   in some   fluid,
And am attached   with  something ,
By the   use   of a silk like   thread.

I am   not hearing   any sound ,
Except    the sound of a  heart beat,
And I feel as  is some  one is  ,
Caressing  me   and speaking to me.

Since I was not  capable of raising   any sound,
I have moved   my   arms and legs   several times,
Some times  I used to hear    some rough   sound,
Which will move away but I used  to always  hear that heartbeat

For the past two   , three   days  , I seem  to ,
Want to get   out of this  place and I tried ,
My best by kicking and waving my hands,
But  I was   not able    to get out of there.

One day  I started  being dragged some where ,
In that fluid , I became  up side   down ,
The sound of the heart beat   got very much reduced,
I was scared  that I was going out of my world  to some where  else.

That soft soothing voice   that I used to hear  was ,
Shouting   and crying  in great  pain , I felt bad,
That I must of hurt   that some one with a  soothing voice ,
By my kicking    and moving about here and there.

All of a sudden the   fluid  in which I was swimming ,
Start ed to  flow out  of that bag and I reached ,
A very narrow  passage   and I felt as  if ,
Some one was holding my head  and pulling me out.

That soft voice was   shouting in great agony,
And I  was also feeling    some amount of pain,
Suddenly I came out    from darkness  to light ,
And some one cut   the silken thread  which attached me.

I was not able to hear   my constant companion –the heart beat,
I was also not    able to hear  the crying sound of the soothing voice,
And I cried   and fun of fun, every one around  laughed.
And I understood that   this new world   is very unkind

They washed  me , tied me tightly   in a cloth   and every one,
Was seeing some thing below    my hip and laughing with joy,
I  did not like   this new   world and those  unkind ones,
Who lifted  me up carefully and put me beside some one.

Suddenly  I started   again hearing   that heart beat,
And I stopped my crying   and some  one touched me ,
Caressed me just like   earlier and then talked to me,
And  I  wanted to see  who it was but  I was not able to.

Then two soft hands   lifted me up  near  to her face ,
And I saw  the  very pretty smile of joy   in that face ,
Which had just undergone      very great  pains,
And  I did not find any way to express  my joy.

Then  I realized    that   she was   my mother ,
Who would   give a very incomparable  love,
But she   was   laughing     when I cried, but

I knew later  she would get  upset, if I open my mouth   to cry.

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