Sunday, February 19, 2017

Love is care

Love is care

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(I read it in face book  written  with hindi and English mixed. I thought I should write it in my own words . My eyes filled with tears   when I wrote it, for  I am  a very sentimental idiot. May God bless   that original author)

When your mother  kisses   you fondly,
And says,”My child is one in a million”,
When your father  waiting  for you ever at   the gate,
Says , “hey son, you are  very late  today.”
When your mother  like sister  in law    says ,
“Hey hero , we have seen a great  girl for you ,
But if you  have some one else  please do  let me know”,
When your  loving  brother   seeing you sad says,
“Why are you worried, Am I not there   for you?’
When your little   sister   seeing you morose   says,
“Hey bro, come on  , let us   go out somewhere”
When your    best friend  who has seen you only the day  before says,
“Without    seeing you for a day , I am not happy”
These   are   the  best moments  of love in your life.

When your tiny little   daughter calls you dad,
And massages  your forehead  to take away pain,
When your loving grand children cluster  round you ,
And say , “Poor Granpa , we should not trouble him today,
When your wife   makes   special tea  for you,
And  sips  it   before   giving  it to you, to see if it is Okay,
When  your mother  buys   cake after  a long time ,
And gives   you the best piece   with lots of cream,
When you are   walking    with your friend ,
And he   holds you tightly thinking  you may slip and fall,
When you   bid farewell   to your brother  in his office,
And later  if he enquires   whether  you reached home safely on the phone,
It is  love that  is really great

Please   do not think that  love is only when,
You    want your sweet heart   badly  expecting divine  joy out of her.
For  Love does not expect    anything in return,
But is full of care,  care    and care.

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