Monday, February 6, 2017

Domestic life is ruined by a great show off

Domestic  life  is ruined by  a great  show off


(I got the idea  of writing  this after I read a tamil post  by SP Ramanathan. My thanks to him)

I am great   genius   of sorts  ,
Who  is capable of   writing a Wikipedia,
On any subject  on earth  whatsoever ,
But my wife  finds it  hard to understand  anything.

So right   from the   time   the sun rises  in the east,
I would be   showing off  to her  all   that I know,
To my poor dear  wife  , who finds it difficult ,
To understand  , even simple  things in life.

Our domestic life    was indeed miserable ,
For my   wife   felt that I was  torturing her ,
Using my  genius  and  tried  always,
To avoid me   and rarely talked to me.

One day   when it was   a holiday  ,
And my wife   getting bored  of  hearing,
Incessant outpouring  of my lectures,
Had  gone to visit   her   parents who were nearby.

And I  feeling the need  of some audience ,
Decided  to visit a   friend of mine , who not only,
Knew everything on earth  but also could do,
Any work given  to him in a jiffy  with great efficiency.

My friend and his wife welcomed me  with great warmth ,
And I  with great curiosity   asked   both of them,
About their   day to day  life  and the   wife,
With a great  smile  started   narrating  with glee.

“Your dear   friend    does  not know   even simple  little  things,
And it is me   who is compelled    to get all his work done for him,
And he even does not know   how to see   the  time from the clock,
And  date  from  the Calendar  and I have to see  it  and tell him about it.”

And my friend   said to me , “Yes  my friend  ,
If she is not there   even for some time ,
I find it difficult   to do   anything at all.”
And his wife looked at him with great love.

Next day  I met my friend in his  great office ,
And asked him , “What happened to you?”
And he said, “True I know   everything ,
And  I also know  lot about her ,.”

“She is an extremely efficient manager  of the home,
And would be able to give a great life  to me   with even less finance,
But all her life  no one   in her home   felt the need,
To say   even   one word of appreciation to her.”

When she got married to me  , she knew I was a genius,
And I thought  that she would suffer a lot ,
Due to her  the inferiority complex  and,
Then I decided  not to show  off myself to her  at any time.

Due to that we both lead   any extremely,
Satisfactory married   life and she  never ever,
Leaves me alone and goes anywhere,
And I would even refuse to go to heaven if it is offered to me.

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