Sunday, February 5, 2017

Working mothers -a boon or curse

Working mothers earn money but sometimes are not able to give affection. Are they a boon or curse to their children?

Working mothers  -a boon or curse


(Based on a write up I read long back and am not sure who wrote it. My acknowledgements   for that anon  writer)


It is a boon   to  have  a working mother  for,
Working mothers are  more capable ,
As they juggle their lives   between,
Their work, their home and their passion.
They know the  home outside   the world,
Much better  and have much great confidence ,
To live and  to lead the family  both in work and play.
Their children   due to  her tight   schedule  ,
Learn  the art of  depending on themselves,
IN their own home   and outside  much better,
Have a better  vision  to progress in this world,
And they get all they want  as their Mummy  will get it for them.


It is a curse   to   be brought up by working mother,
Because  a working mother  is a curse  to her children,
Since they see   their mothers   but very rarely,
Get looked after   by some servant who does not love them,
Rarely  can  tell their mother   about the  food they like and get it
And start depending   on restaurants for the food they like  
Are scolded  but not helped  by their mothers   for  their shortcomings,

And they fall   prey to  bad habits   due to no one  being there   to correct them.

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