Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Follow this lesson- I am not responsible for the consequences

Follow    this lesson- I am  not responsible  for   the consequences

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(This is based on  the writing of Smt.Hamsabai  Santhana Krishnan . She is a wife  and so it must be true)

If your wife says ,”we need”, it means “she needs”,
If your wife asks”What is your decision?’ , it means,
“My decision only is correct, better  make it yours.”
If your wife says, “ Do as you like”, it means “I do not like it.”

If your says, “BY all means” , it means  “By my means”,
If Your wife says, “I am not sorry”, it means she is”.
If your wife says, “ you are manly”,  it means, “Get immediately shaved”,
If your wife says, “This kitchen is useless”,  you better look for  a new house

If your wife asks you  , “How much   do you like me?”
It means, “” have done something , which you do not like”
If your wife  enquires   with you  , “Have I become fat?”
It is an order  to you to say, “You are most pretty.”

If your wife   says “yes”, it means   she says “no”,
If your wife says “No” , it means she says  “yes”
If your wife says, “Nothing” , it means “everything”

If your wife says “not about it,” , it means  :everything about it”

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