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A new daughter-in-law writes to her mother

Dedicated to all  Daughter in laws

A new daughter-in-law    writes to her mother

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(Every girl  in the world undergoes   the transplantation   shock in a new environment, living with new people and finding their expectations to be different   from what was  expected   from her in her old home. It gives a  jolt, a shock and disappointment. Then she thinks of her Mummy and understands that  she had  done similar  sacrifices  to make  her happy. She  then gets established in the new environment    and decides to make her family  like what her mother did. SmtHamsabai Santhakrishnan   had brought out this feeling  in her write up  in Tamil. My translation is a feeble effort. My thanks to her.)

My dearest mummy,
Like all  other girls , with your consent,
I married the man who stole my heart ,
In a very luxurious and  a  great marriage,
Then only  I understood   that real life,
Starts   after  they put :”END”   after  the picture.

I understood  that in life there are too many things,
Beyond  being desired   and   our desiring  some one else,
Responsibilities , Burdens, Expectations,
Sacrifices  , Disappointments  and  so many others.

I am not able to wake up  any day    when I want ,
For I have to  start my work  before all  others wake up ,
When I was with you  , I was wearing what I liked ,
But now they want me   to move about in what they like.

I used to tell   you, I am off to see   a friend  and now,
My  needs are being determined  based  on needs of others,
I am not able to sleep whenever   I want and,
I am not able to see the any  TV serial that   I like.

Some times    this marriage seems to me  to be very tiring,
It has robbed   my independence  ,
It has stolen  away  myself   from me  ,
I was happy with you  and sometimes,
I feel like leaving everything  and returning to you.

I feel like   sleeping with my head   on your lap,
I remember those days   when you chased  me to  eat an Idli,
I remember the times   that you used  to make ,
The sweets that I like  and make me eat it  again and again

The next moment  I think  about you  and your feelings,
During the days  when you were like me   and the sacrifices  that you made for me,
Had you thought like me during those   days , I would not have had the life that you gave me
And then I want to compensate  you for  your  sacrifices, toils and  affection.

 I then understand Mummy   , that I should   start ,
Loving my family like   the way   that you did and,
Start   toiling   for my new family and becoming ready ,
To   do the same sacrifices   that you did for   my sake

Oh Mummy  , I am sure  Mummy  that my new family ,
Would give me the strength of  the mind that you had,
Would shower   love and affection like   we did on you.
Mummy  , I have   decided  to work for them like you did.

Yours ever loving Daughter

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