Monday, February 6, 2017

Wife -the angel of love sent by God

Wife  -the angel of love    sent by God

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(I found these   divine words  written in Tamil by my facebook friend Hamsabai  Santhana Krishnan. My grateful acknowledgements to her.) 

The word wife can be taken as another,
Synonym   for   the word  “love”.
All wives  are   loving angels  ,
Who shoulder the burden  of the home.

If all men can be compared  to one side drum,
All women  who go for a job are drums with two sides,
Though the crown  called “lady” is pretty,
The society would  always keep pinching them always..

Oh husbands  , give a helping  hand to them,
Please hug and protect  that loving angel,
Who is always   living   only for you,
Talk to her always with care  and love.

Whenever   you get   even little time ,
Do all that you  can to help her in kitchen,
Please understand  all her pains and sorrows,
And look after  her,   just like you look after  your daughter.

Make   her body as  well as mind as mellow  as possible ,
Appreciate   her skills   in the art of cooking,
Look and feel the    scars   made by kitchen heat,
On her , for they are the signs of her  love towards  you.

What she   is doing   is not   cooking ,
But  is the  sign of her love towards you,
Daily thank and tell her , what she does is great,
Tell her  that without her , your life is a Sahara  desert.

You can send these  SMS    to her also,
For she is a candle burning   for sake of  your family,
And  an  angel of love who comes with us in  the journey of life,
She  is with us because  God cannot be with us always.

See to it that  not a drop of tear comes   from her eyes,
Be always  like   a third   hand    for her ,
Understand that  if she    sheds   tears ,
All your prosperity and joy   would get burnt.

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