Monday, February 20, 2017

The Golden gift

The Golden  gift


(Based on a little story  by  my friend Jabalimuni Putrevu .I think , million  thanks  would not be enough  to thank him .To all  my friends. Do not punish  little innocent children, They are a treasure to you and their mind is a treasure   to you. If you do you will  repent as long as you live.)

There  was a middle class  gent little hard for money,
And one day when he saw   his  little daughter  of  three,
Cutting   and wasting   costly   golden paper,
He  yelled at her “Don’t you dare  to  do that.”

The little one   scared and with   tears  flowing from her eyes ,
Withdrew in fear  to the corner   of the room, hid herself ,
With her raised  hand  and told, “Daddy I am scared of you,
I was only trying  to make  a birthday  present for you.”

The rude gent , felt slightly   bad and   told the little one,
“Okay , you could have   told me that   before.”
Next day   the little  one came   with a golden box,
And told her pa, “ Happy birthday   Daddy.”

The pa , with   expectation of a great present  opened the box,
But that  golden box   to his chagrin   was completely empty,
And he flew in to a rage and beat  that  little one  and she cried,
And told, “Daddy , it is not empty,  all yesterday night I blew  kisses  in to it.”

That Pa broke down in to tears   , begged  pardon of that little one ,
Kissed her   , hugged her, rolled her up    and laughed,
Wept, laughed , again wept    and then laughed.
And  that  day   decided  that  nothing in the world is as  valuable as that box .

He kept that golden box with golden kisses of  that little one ,
Near his bed  and whenever he was mentally  down , he used  to open it,
And whiffed    a golden kiss out of  that golden box,
And felt that he has to live some more time , to whiff   another kiss.

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