Saturday, February 11, 2017

What she wanted and what He gave!

What she wanted and what He gave!


(Based on a tamil post by  my face book friend A.G.Kesavan.Thanks to him.)

It was a pleasant evening ,
The wife who was waiting  for her hubby.
Just  entered  in to a short sweet nap,
And  God came   before her in her dream,

God asked   that lady , “what boon do you want?”
And she said. “Several but everything about my husband,
And the  God  with reluctance    agreed ,
To grant her    one boon , to fulfill   all her wants.

She  thought  for a while  longer and asked.
“Whenever my husband is awake, he should think about me only,
For him nothing should  me more important  than me in his life,
He should never  sleep   without  me by his   side,
When he wakes up, he should always see me first,
He should  not go anywhere   without me,
Even if I get a scratch, he   should be terribly upset .”

God simply laughed   and turned her to an Android  phone.

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