Friday, February 17, 2017

God , Oh God, how to be your devotee?

God  , Oh God, how to be your devotee?


(The first part is a story from Upanishad   and the second  written from some one in face book. Thank God for both of them)


Sage Narada  was greatly proud,
That  he was the greatest  devotee of God,
And one day  , when God   was relaxed,
He Asked  him  , “Who is your greatest devotee”.

God did not even think for   a second  and told  Narada,
“Ofcourse   it is Raikwa   the cart  man in the nearby village.”
Narada   was greatly surprised  and went  and Watched  Raikwa,
And he told, “Oh God Narayana”   as soon as he woke up  and  also before he slept..

Narada   went back  to Lord Narayana  , very greatly  angry,
And with tears  in his eyes  and told the God,
“I chant  your name  without stop morn and night,
And how come Raikwa who tells it twice is greater  than me.”

Lord Narayana  as usual smiled  and gave Narada  a pot of oil,
And told him to go around the earth  without spilling a  drop,
And  the divine sage  came back after  doing  the job with perfection,
But the Lord asked him, “How many times   did you chant my name?”

Sage Narada blinked  and said , “What nonsense God  ,
While carrying a pot full of oil with  not a drop to spill,
And that too travelling  around the  world, How can I remember  it”
Lord Narayana  replied “But Raikwa does it  inspite of running the family.”


Vijay was a   wonderful spiritual youngster,
Who knew about Raikwa   and used   to chant,
Daily   the name  of the God   once ,
As soon as he   woke   up  every day.

One day he forgot , got up late ,went to office,
On the way  the tyre of his cycle   got punctured,
He got in to a bus, which met with accident,
And he reached   his office  one hour late.

By the time  he finished his work , there was nothing in canteen,
But  he managed to get  some food and though  the manager ,
Of the bank where  he applied   for loan called him in the evening,
He could not hear it as  the charge  got over  in his cell phone.

He some how by walk reached   his home ,
Bathed   all over  by sweat   and  wanted to put on,
AC  but it was not working at all  and with great misery,
He shouted “Oh God , for not  chanting   your name one day,
This much amount   of punishment .You   are unjust God.”

God came before  him and laughed    and told him,
“According   to fate , it is a very bad  day   for you,
The God of death came   to take your life in the morning,
And I caught hold of God of death   and sent him back,
And made you sleep  for some  more time and then,
You were supposed to die by dashing your cycle on a bus.”

“I  spoiled the cycle  so that  a bus driven badly  ,
Would not hit you and kill you  And later  since you were  there,
I saved   the bus also   and in th elast morsel of food,
Of  the   canteen some rat poison had fallen and,
I overturned  it so that  you will not take food and not die”

“That Bank manager was supposed  to give you ,
False promises and  get you  arrested as well  as make you  lose your job,
I spoiled your phone   so that   you would be safe,
And the AC was supposed to get burst and kill you  and I spoiled it”

You are wrong , I did not trouble   you for  forgetting,
To chant my name but saved you for chanting it daily,
Like that  Raikwa   of  yore   who with devotion,
Chanted my name , come what may.

“Please understand that  I do love you  and,
My planning for you is much greater  than yours,”
And then Vijay said, “ Oh God  I understood you”,
And He said, “I take care of my devotees  come what may,”

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