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Mein aur meri Tanhai (Me and my solitude)

Mein   aur  meri Tanhai
(Me and my solitude)

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(This   song is    from   the Cinema   Silsila. It is actually   sung by Amitabh    and Lata Mangeshkar . But the  portion  sung by Amitabh   became very popular.Hear  the  great song as sung by Amithabh-  . I have tried to translate  it relying on  Urdu-english dictionary   and some guidance  by Urdu knowing people .Hear the song again and again understanding   the great poetical lyrics)

Mein aur meri tanhai
Aksar ye batein karte hain
Tum hoti to kaisa hota
tu yeh kahti, tum woh kahti
Tum is baat pe hairan hoti
tum us baat pe kitni hasti
tum hoti to aisa hota, tum hoti to waisa hota
Mein aur meri tanhai ,aksar yeh baten karte hain

Me and my lonliness,
Often  converse  like this,
Had you been there, how it would have been?
You would say this  , you would say that,
Possibly you would get scared by this talk,
Possibly  how much would you have  laughed  in that talk,
Had you been there, It would have happened like this,
Had you been there , it would have happened  like that,
Me and my loneliness  , often   talk like this

Yeh raat hai ya teri julfe khuli hui hain
hai chandani, ya tumhari nazron se meri raatein dhooli hui hain
Yeh chand hai ya tumhara kangan
sitarain hain ya tumhara aanchal
Hawa ka jhoka hai, ya tumhare badan ki khusboo
Yeh pattiyon ki hai sarsarahat, ki tumne chupke se kuch kaha hai
Yeh sochta hoon main kabse gumsum
jabki mujhko bhi yeh khabar hai,
Ki tum nahi ho, kahin nahi ho
Margar yeh dil hai ki kah raha hai
ki tum yahin ho, yahin kahin ho.

This is  the night ,  is it that  your  tresses  have been let down,
Is it the moon , is it your  glance , which has  begun my night,
Is it the moon  or is it    your bangle .
Are  they the stars or  is it  your upper cloth,
Is is the pleasant smell of wind   or is it your  fragrance,
Is it the sound of rustling of leaves   or is it your  silent murmur ,
How long have I been thinking    about it silently,
Whether   you are here or  whether  you are no where,
But this mind  of mine is telling me,
You are  here , you are somewhere here.

Majboor yeh haalat edhar bhi hai udhar bhi
Tanhai ki ek raat edhar bhi hai udhar bhi
Kahne ko bahut kuch hai magar kisse kahain hum
Kab tak yuhin khamosh rahein aur sahe hum
Dil kahta hai duniya ki har ek rasm utha dein
Deewar jo hum dono mein hai aaj gira dein
Kyun dil mein sulagte rahain, logo ko bata dein
Aub dil mein yahi baat edhar bhi hai udhar bhi

There  is a situation  of compulsion  here   as well as there,
A night of solitude   is here    and there also.
There is lot of things to tell  but with whom?
How long should I remain silent ,  how long should I bear with this,
My mind tells me to leave  of  all the rules of the world,
Make fall the  wall  that   is between us ,
Tell all people   abiout how the heart is nurning ,
Yes I am in love , in love , in love  ,
Now this  is there  here   as well as there.

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