Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Reflex action of sub conscious mind=men's in car and lady's in kitchen

Reflex action of   sub conscious   mind
Translated by

(based on write up in Tamil  of my face book friend  Sri Gurumurthy. Thanks to him.)

Once  I was   driving  my car ,
Along with my wife in front seat,
My wife   suddeny  said  in a scared voice,
You are driving too fast , be careful.
I told her , “I am driving carefully only.”
Then she started    shouting  ,
There is a scooter  driving along with us,
Looks like he will dash    against our car,
I told her , “he can see  well and nothing would happen.”
Then she said, “Hey see   there  one car is turning towards us”
I told her , I have seen him and he has seen me , do noy get bothered.”
Then she almost got up shouting , “A lady  is crossing the road,
You may  hit and even kill her” and having nothing to tell,
I kept silent    and reached  our home in least possible time.

Next day my   wife   was very busy  in the kitchen doing her chores,
I went and said, “Ypu are lifting a big vessel   with a small  tong,
Suppose   it slips    and falls  on your feet  , what will happen?”
My wife smiled and told , How many times I have done it , nothing wll happen.”
Then I shouted , “The  oil is boiling in the vessel,
And you are putting mustard in it , suppose  it f splutters  anfd falls on you.”
She said, “Nothing wil happen , if it is put  in a proper manner.”
Then I said, “It would have   , had  I not told you in time.”
I continued  “Ypu are putting lotd  salt  and may spoil the taste of food.”

Then my wife switched  off the stove   and started shouting ,
“What happened   to you today. I have been cooking   for so many years,
All that  I do would only be correct   because it is due to reflex action of sub conscious mind.
If you stand   and keep on irritating me , I would commit some mistake.”

Then I told her ,” Darling wife, I too have been driving  ,
For a very long time  and do everything  due to  ,
A reflex action of my sub conscious   mind, but if you,
Sit besode me  and keep on scaring me,

Everything  I would do  would become wrong .”

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