Saturday, February 25, 2017

Gist of Face book Dharma

Gist of Face book Dharma


(I got the idea   from a face book post of my friend Nagasubramanian Jayaraman   in Tamil. My thanks to him)

Whatever you have posted in face book   , has been posted for good

Whatever you are posting in face book   is being posted for good,

Whatever you are going to post   in face book   would be posted for good,

Why  no one is liking it? Why you are  crying? How many have you liked?

What  have you  posted that is original? What have you really  lost?

Whatever  was  posted  in  face book by you,  came  there due  to copy and paste

Whatever   you  liked  in facebook   would be posted  in some Whatsapp  group by you?

You brought   nothing  with you   when you joined,

You are not taking anything  , when you quit   the face book.

Whatever  is your post today was some body elses’s  yesterday,
And will be   some body else’s tomorrow.

Change , copy , paste   is the law of face book.

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