Sunday, February 19, 2017

The final Bye to old age

The final Bye to old age

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(I have become old. One by one I am loosing my faculties  and I am sad. I can only bid farewell  to this old age   when my soul leaves   the body. Based on a post by my face book friend Hamsabai  Santhana Krishnan.  Thanks to her.)

In  the rotation of  wheels of time ,
I did not realize    that old age  has crept in.
Though my mind was     as fast as that of a youth,
The youth   somehow   deserted my body.

All that I  used see clearly  were seen through a smoke  screen,
My legs  which used  to  run with speed slowed down,
Both my hands  whose catch was  strong, searched for support,
And some  unknown   scare  entered my mind and troubled me

My body became weak  and  my soul wandered in side,
The  events  of the past   ran in my mind like a film,
All  the  errors  that I did  resurfaced  and bore in to my heart,
And this   state  me realize what is  to understand  life.

In utter confusion  my soul was stupefied not knowing what  to tell,
My old age   saluted the god with clasped    hands and cried,
The soul unable to bear the pain   of body started crying,
And I started   seeing  the form  of  god through my eyes.

IN the light of his smile  I saw lightning  as well as a flame,
I bid farewell   to old age   and my soul  merged  in  to that light,
The cage of the body lay  there   without   any pain,
Is this  the body that   did all the song and dance.

My   body merged in to  air and another body was born. Bye old age

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