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Thank you my father

Thank you my father


Based on write up in Tamil bt my face book friend  Hamsabai   Santhana Krishnan

To become a father  is an easy job,
But  to be a father   is a difficult job,
The courage    and strength of   every human being  ,
Is basically  rooted   in his father  , and in fact ,
He is  their  roll  model  for all their acts.

The greatest gift given by God   to every human being,
Is  the father and he is equal to  one thousand teachers to them,
And    the sacrifice   of this   guiding post of their  lives,
Is something  indescribable    and immeasurable..

To bring up    a  little one  in to a great being,
The sufferings     due to the financial burden,
Of a father    causes   great  pain to him,
Which makes  him sport   a  grin of suffering always.

To lead their children    in  to  the  proper path,
There is a great need  to be very strict  towards them,
Possibly because   of this   though   the love of father,
Is in no way less than the mother, their children do not realize it.

If the plants called   children  , during  their growth,
Receive the sun light    from the   Sun called father,
And if they also receive  the moisture   from mother’s love ,
They would   all grow extremely well as assets of the world.
He is  the greatest guru  to all the lads and lasses,
Who teaches   them the knowledge  of experience ,
And when we see   a good citizen,
WE can be sure that he   had a great father to boast.

The strength   of an elephant  lies on its trunk,
And similarly   the strength of human beings ,
Lies on their trust and hope, and these feelings,
Have   their birth place  in their father.

A child tries to   stand  due to the trust  ,
Which it has   on its parents and    it,
Learns to fall , get up  , suffer pain,
And walk again due to the  trust   it has on its parents.

A mother carries the baby  on her hips  ,
AS she wants the baby   to  be with her,
But the father  lifts the baby on ,
His shoulders so that , it is taller than him.

Every father   to achieve  his dream  for his children
Suffers lot of sorrow and would have met several insults.
He  would have met   several people to help them.
He would have  taken Loan from many people,
And struggled to return that  loan back,
He would   have spent several sleepless nights,
He would have   carried unbearable   burdens for their sake,
Without   their children   knowing   about any of these things.

In their   bald heads, cracked feet  , Legs   where nerves can be seen,
White moustaches , you can read   the  history of their toil.
How many times to  avoid seeing the   sorrow of their children,
They would have hidden their pains and sicknesses?
How much extra effort , they would have to   put  to pull.
The cart of burden  family , so that  their children go in a car?

They would go to work  when   children sleep, after  giving them,
A soft kiss of love  taking care not to wake them up   and then after,
Very hard work return home  again   to see  their children sleep,
And most of them would have silently wept, just to hear the  talk of their kids.

Even after  their children grows    up and they  themselves ,
Become parents, their father   looks at them like a kid,
And says to them words like   “Do not be  scared of   anything ,
Am I not there  for you? I am there , there is no need to worry?

F or the children their fathers   are
---  Load bearer   stones
--- the staff used to  push them up
---   The nail which keeps the axils  in tact
--- The suns
---  The direction indicators
--- The Gurus
--- their hopes

Father  is
--- Pure  love
---unsullied interest
---  Just   thought
---  stable hopes
---  words that  do not wound
---  majestic advices
---  stainless smiles
---  your best friend
---  your best help

        Please   do not forget to say thanks  to these martyrs  everyday   for  making you great by sacrificing themselves   in the altar  of the joy of life.

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