Thursday, February 23, 2017

Be a good husband

Be a good  husband


(Based on tamil write up of  Balasubramanian  Nannilam Ranganathan. I did make a few   changes )

Not only   in your bed room but also,
In Kitchen give   her company  ,
Become her mother  when she is weak and in pain
Become her child   to her  on all  other days ,
To wash  her cloths   is not  at all a shame,
But it is   the   gift that   you give her.

AS much as  possible try to reduce ,
Going  home  very late    after  work,
If you   feel that  she looks tired,
Do not shout at her  if salt is not proper in a dish,
See to it that   you also   eat  the dish  with relish.

Have small   quarrels   with her  everyday,
But see to it  that it turns big due to anger,
Share   half  of her   work  and be nice to her,
On Holidays allow her to sleep till noon,
And wake her  up  with hot steaming cup of tea.

If you are  late    tell her   the reason for it  ,
If it is your mistake ask her pardon,
At  the time of going to work   and return from work ,
Present  her   with a pleasant mischievous   smile,
And yell her she  is pretty and you love her.

Whenever you   go for special occasions ,
See to it that   she accompanies you ,
If she is in pain, become her mother,
Let the tears   that  she anytime   sheds ,
Because   of you be   only  the tears  of joy.

If you   get very angry   , just  stifle it,
If she is  sick, you become her nurse ,
Fulfill her desires and avoid  all pain for her,
If she does a mistake hug her   tightly,
And become like her father , when she was a little baby.

Allow her   to keep her  old friendships  ,
And if you know    what is n her mind ,
Respect them like her brother ,
Daily  sleep  along with her,
And in death bed   hold her hand.

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