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A angry outburst of a 40+ iyer bachelor

A angry outburst  of a 40+  iyer  bachelor

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( I felt sad  on reading it in Whatsapp. I do have  the name and e mail id of the man who wrote  it. What else I can do except sympathizing with him.)

  Once upon a time  the poor Brahmins  gave their 20 year old daughters  in marriage to 60 year old men  and created  large number of young widows.

  I am one of those 40+  Brahmin leading a very orthodox life, who went on searching for an iyer   girl who was willing  to marry me and have sacrificed  my youth   at the altar  of  the temple  of matrimony.
The torments that a girl’s parent  give to the boys who  search for brides  has  become too  much unbearable and have pained   me a lot.

Thet y all want to know whether  I am a government servant or employed in a private firm..If in a private firm they ask whether  my monthly income is more than fifty thousand rupees. They also want to know whether  I have my own house  in the city besides   the house  of my parents.. They are bothered to know whether I have an income sufficient to run the family well or whether  I have  any bad habits or whether I lead a religious life.

AS soon as I tell them I lead a stain free  orthodox life , I am asked to immediately  drop the alliance and get out of their home.

Some times I used to feel , may be the girl  is very highly educated  and the family  is prosperous, usually I am shocked to know they are a lower middle class family   and the girl has just completed  tenth standard.

There is nothing wrong in parents of girls wanting their girl to lead a life  of prosperity, But I do not feel it is just for them to neglect  the education, handsomeness, sterling character and only  getting bothered about money.

I know a  Iyer groom who has been giving matrimonial advertisement in a monthly iyer  magazine  ever since he attained forty , every month for the past five years . So far no one has bothered to reply him.  And that gentleman is very rich and employed in an MNC in Singapore.

Seeing that I have   concluded that  for me who  belongs to a middle class family , with   average qualification and average income  ,  there is no chance to get married at all.
I know about a girl whose   engagement with a very rich groom was celebrated. The groom wanted her to resign her job before the datwe of marriage and fifteen days before the day fixed for marriage   the groom , said he is not interested in the marriage. The girl turned mad  and even attempted suicide.
  In other castes , even if the groom is not employed the family of the girl  would get him a job to do and also give their daughter in marriage to him.

 But among Brahmins  the practice of  auctioning the groom  for his wealth is prevalent. They are not bothered even if their girl marries from other caste  or religion. Will this change at all  ?Why are the caste  leaders   not bothered about it? We are also people with love and affection, sterling character, people who treat other ladies as their mothers or sisters and people who  forever dream about  a  happy married life. Please help us to live a married life   and do not send us to the  cremation ground
Money only is not life .It would not accompany you after your death .Start thinking “Character is   difficult to get and money is easy to get.”.Please  help us to get married.

A  forty year old Iyer   groom  who is sad .

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