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Roadblocks in settling marriage alliances among Brahmins –I .Horoscope matching

Roadblocks   in  settling  marriage alliances   among Brahmins –I .Horoscope matching


( I belong to an ancient  family odf astrologers but I am definitely not a great expert  in that science. I know there  are several  very talented  and professional astrologers  in  face book . I  am sure many of them may not agree   with what I say . I beg for their forgiveness.
   But I am a member of great society of human beings . I some how have started feeling that   matching of horoscopes is one of the most important factors that   is an impediment  in  getting people married. Based on  my experience I know that   atleast about 90%   couple who got married after matching horoscopes lead a comfortable married life     but if due to this system    a large number of people   are not getting married , we need to take   some action.)

   All our Puranas  contain a chapter  on Astrology(Jyothisha)   and one of the important aspects   emphasized is horoscopes matching. The horoscopes are matched   by examining:-

1.Whether there is Nakshatra  porutham ?
2.Whether   there  is dosha samyam?
3.Whether there   is dasa  Sandhi?

      Normally an astrologer who matches  horoscopes also examine whether   there is SAnthana BHagyam for both   of them.NoW I would try to   give a very short   note of what all these   would  indicate?

1.Nakshatra  porutham
      This is mainly   examined   to find whether   the groom and bride are  physically   and mentally   compatible and whether   they would adjust with each other.

2.Dosha samyam.
   This is examined    to   ensure that the couple who  get married   have a very long married life.  About 60%  horoscopes would not match according   to this criteria   for boys with Shuddha Jadagam and girl’s with chevvai dosham .

3,Dasa  Sandhi
      This is mainly examined   to see   whether   difficult periods  in life for the wife and husband occur    at the same  time.

      Even when I was a child , every village  used to have its own astrologers. None of the   villagers   would pay   for  consultation   of horoscopes. But when the marriage is fixed  , a substantial present  iused   to be given to the  village astrologer. Those who own land    would also give a  certain measure of paddy    at the  time of harvest reaching their homes to the village  astrologer.

   With most of the agraharams becoming empty  ,  these village astrologers migrated to towns. Many who got who good jobs   still offer their services free of cost. Others have started   to charge   very heavily . To  get more and more money there  is a possibility  that   few of  these professional astrologers  keep on saying  “Horoscopes do not match”   till the  parents become desperate   and ask for Pariharam.  Then very costly Pariharms which would be performed by astrologers themselves are prescribed. This   made  people scared of approaching  astrologers. Many of them have already discontinued  consultation with astrologer  Some of them do  down load software  for match making   (Which are most of the time wrong)  and some think  that the parents who initiate the proposals must have already seen to it.

  Thus  more than 50% people have already   stopped  matching of horoscopes.  Since marriage   is an important  requirement of every human being  , I feel it is time   that   we stop this practice altogether.

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