Friday, February 10, 2017

Mother , oh mother

Mother , oh mother


(The  heart melting  fact that  the sacrifices of a mother  are unmatched   in brought out in this simple story. Times have changed in middle class homes .Now babies use diapers    and do not wet their bed.Taken from facebook  tamil post of Rajagopal srinivasan, my face book friend)

There   was a great  old mother  who toiled   hard,
To   nurture    several  of her   sons and daughters,
One day a  grown up son of hers   came near her,
And said he wanted to repay her for great deeds of affection

Mother said to him    that she has  only done her duty,
And there  was no need   for him to repay   her at all,
Then one day  when that  son   went on pestering her,
She told him ,”Okay, please  fulfill only one wish  of mine.”

The son was   overjoyed   and asked  her what she wanted,
And she told”When you were  a little baby, you used,
To sleep  by my side  and I want  you to do it  again,
Just any day   when you can do it,,”  and the son said yes.

That night   he slept    by the side of that old haggard mother,
And once the mother knew that he had   slept well,
She brought   a pot of water  and sprinkled   all over him,
And the son who was deep in sleep rolled to the other side of the bed.

The mother then brought   another   pot full of water ,
And  again sprinkled   it all  over him  and the son,
Rolled to the other side and   seeing it wet, woke up,
And saw  his mother  standing there  with a pot of water.

Then the son became angry   and shouted   at his mother,
“Why are   you doing this like a child   and not allowing me to sleep?’
And the mother replied , Dear son,  you wanted to repay  what I did for you,
And when you were a baby    you would   wet one side  of the bed.”

:”Then I used to change your cloths,  and make you sleep,
On the dry side of the bed and would go sleep on the wet side  of the bed,
You would do it several times  and I would put you in dry spots,
And sleep  on wet portions,  I only wanted to see whether  you could do that?”

She further said , “Had you been able   to do it for one night,
I would have agreed  that , you could repay   , what I did to you?
Please understand that no one in this entire   world,

Can ever hope to repay, even a little of  what the mother  does for you.”

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