Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Tamarind tree which never sleeps

The Tamarind tree  which never sleeps

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(This is based  on a famous legend which was posted by my friend  Rajagopal Srinivasan in facebook. This tree is called in tamil  Urangapuli( A tamarind tree that never  sleep is there in a town called Azhvarthirunagari    The tree has seven branches  and the great  Vaishnavite saint Nammazhvar   meditated in its hollow   for sixteen years. A very detailed account of the tree is given in

Lord Rama  knew he was nearing his death,
And the God of death came   to see him to discuss some matters,
And Lord Rama  ordered his brother  Lakshmana,
To guard   over them and not allow   any one inside

Sage Durwasa  , the angry   sage came   at that  time,
To meet  Lord Rama   and when denied entry   said,
He will curse  Ayodhya   and destroy it completely ,
Fearing which Lakshmana allowed him inside.

Lord Rama got angry   and cursed Lakshmana ,
To become a tree  and Lakshmana   told him,
“That foes not matter  brother  but I am sad,
That  I would be living  without serving  you.

Rama then told him  that  in the Kali age ,
He would be born as  Nammazhvar   and do,
Meditation without moving   for sixteen years,
And at that  time. Lalkshmana  would be  born as tree.

A tree which would be awake always   and provide ,
Shade   to Rama   as sage   for all the sixteen years.
This became true and Lakshmana  was born as a Tamarind tree,

In Aazhvar thirunagari, whose  leafs    never   sleep.

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