Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mother’s dosa

Mother’s dosa

Rewritten  by

(The original in Tamil was published in Vikatan  Magazine and posted in face book by my friend Hamsabai Santhana Krishnan . I have made   several modifications. Thanks to Vikatan and to my face v book friend)

Masal dosa   from Vidhyarthi Bhavan  ,
Plain Dosa from Ary Bhavan,
Onion dosa   from Saravana BHavan,
Chutney podi dosa    from Vasantha bhavan,
Gheed roast Dosa    from Mayyas ,
Chiken Dosa   from Anjappar chettinad restaurant,
Kaadai Bird Dosa   from  Hari Bhavan,
Garlic  Dosa  from Arya Bhavan,
Mushroom Dosa  from Murugan Idli shop,
Egg Dosa    from Muniyandi vilas  ,
Sky dosa eaten in Jet airways  while flying ,
Plate  dosa   from the hawkers cart  ,
Panneer  Dosa from Dosa  Plaza ,
Mysore  Masala Dosa from MTR,
Neer Dose  from Subz  ,
Baby corn dosa   from Vysya
Rava Dosa  from Sangeetha,
Rava Masala Dosa from   Adayar Anand Bhavan
Pizza  Masala dosa again from Vysya
All these are not as tastey  as the  royal Dosa,

Prepared   in the smoke filled  kitchen,
With Oil   gently applied Using stick tied with  torn father’s dhothi ,
Dipped   in the oil  in the  rock bottom  of the bottle,
Using the dough   so loving  ground by you in old style mortar
On a fire word  stove  making it so thin that  both  its edges wilted,
And served  directly in to the plate  hot , hot
Oh mother , Oh mother, Oh mother

When will  I get it once more?

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