Sunday, February 19, 2017

A humble request to celebrate Men’s day

A humble request  to celebrate  Men’s day


(Based I on a tamil post in face book by  Sundararajan Ambi iyer. Ninteenth November every year is “International men’s day”. Have you seen any one exchanging gifts on that day? Have syou seen any one praising the role of men on that day. This poem brings out the good pof men, in these days  when  they are well known for their bad.)

It seems   today is the Men’s day ,
No one to seem to greet any of us,
And so we ourselves would greet ourselves,
For in truth    all men are   really good.

When a lady occupies men’s seat in the Bus,
WE never complain and in face love it.
IN the home  howsoever  much,
Our wife beats us , we never tell it outside

We never get angry   when any girl,
Says to us “I love you”   but  only tell her”I don’t”
WE  have never   shouted   at  any lady,
Who asks us lift I on the way 

NO daddy ever has called his son separately,
And asked him , “Does your wife look after  you well?”
Whatever    degrees  we earn   from anywhere  in the world,
WE never seek   a girl living abroad   yto get married

When we   are eating dosas   for breakfast ,
WE  would wait  patiently   for  the next dosa,
Till the serial   in  TV   serial comes  to an end,
And wife   is  free  to make   the next dosa.

WE would recharge  our mobile  ourselves ,
And not ask our wife    to do it for us,
And mainly just for her  we would  ,
Discontinue all    bad habits   that we have.

When a girl gives   us a missed call ,
WE would stop all the   work we do,
And in spite  of cruel stare  of the boss,
Immediately   contact her  and talk to her.

Even sacrificing   seeing  of  the final   of India-Pakisthan,
Cricket one day international, we would allow ,
Our wife to see  some useless  godforsaken,
Serial  in which nothing happens for a week.

Just like this   we can keep on telling   all,
The great sacrifices   we do for the sake  ,
Of the fairer   sex morn to night   and night  to morn,

But still   no one greets us for a Man’s day.

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