Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Life is hell if there is no give and take

Life is hell if there  is no give and take


( I have taken the first   story from the post of my friend  Rajagopal Srinivasan  . Thanks to him)

A dear  husband  and his darling wife quarreled.
And they stopped   speaking   to each other.
One day  the husband  had   to catch an early morning flight.
And he was  one who used   to sleep  deeply ,
And so he wrote  a note   to his  wife ,
“I have to catch an early morning   flight  ,
Please , please  wake me up   at 5 Am  sharp.”
And kept it   on  his wife’s   pillow   before he slept.
Next day   he  woke up  at 7 Am   and shouted,
“Did I not   request you  to wake me up at 5 Am?”
And she smiled  and showed   him  another  note,
On his pillow  which said “It is 5 AM  , please get up.”
Had the husband   instead of shouting  at  her,
Gave up his pride   the previous  night  and told her,
“Please  wake me at  5 Am, he would not have missed his flight.”

When I read  this story   in the pages  of face book today    , I recalled   another story

There  was a couple  in a town  who used to quarrel always,
One day the Husband   told   his wife , “The door  is open,
You are only watching a  serial , please   close  the door.”
The wife got  very angry, “  You talk to me as if  you are,
Doing some important work  and all that you  do  ,
Is checking   your whatsapp  messages.You close the door.”
Then they shouted at   each other    for some time,
And decided, “Whoever speaks first would  have to close the door.”
After some time , Wife got   bored    and    went for a walk ,
And the lonely husband   not knowing  what to do  kept silent.
At that  time   a  vagabond came to their home  and wanted alms,
And when he saw   that the doors were open and   the owner  was silent,
Entered    their house  , made a bundle of  all costly things and went away.
The husband  kept quiet   because  he would have to close the door.
The food for lunch   was kept on their   dining   table  and a dog entered,
Ate all the food and went away and at that time   the wife returned,
And seeing the  horrible  state  of their  home asked, “what happened?”
And the husband  jumped   with joy and told,” Now close the door.”

Excess  pride made the life of both couple   miserable ,
And if only they had realized  that   they are parts of a whole,
And the pleasure  in their life depended  on give and take ,
They would have   be living in heaven and not the  hell of their creation.

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